Swimbuds Sport Waterproof Headphones Review


A couple of weeks ago I reviewed the Underwater Audo iPod Shuffle for Extreme Sports X.  I absolutely loved the product, and have been using it for the past two weeks when I hit the pool.  This week, I was sent some of the new Swimbuds Sport Waterproof Headphones to review, and I have to say – it’s another great product that will go down well with all sports enthusiasts.

Swimbuds Sport Headphones

The Perfect Fit

When I received the headphones, I was advised that they are suitable to be worn in all sporting environments.  Whether you’re cycling, snowboarding, or taking part in water sports, the headphones are more comfortable than traditional models, and don’t require continual adjustment like most traditional headphones do.

The pack that I received came with the standard headphones, and six additional fittings.  Everyone has different sized ears, and by including four different size variations, it’s easy for users to try out different sizes to see which fits their ears the best.  Let’s not forget that these headphones are waterproof, so it’s more important for them to fit right than it is for other models.  It’s really simple to change the fittings, and you can do this as often as required.

What You Get (According to the Underwater Audio Website):

  • One pair of Waterproof Short Cord Swimbuds Sport Headphones*
  • 1 FREE 39-inch (1m) Swimbuds Sport Waterproof Audio Extension Cord (white)
  • 4 types of eartips: 1 pair or round eartips for comfort. 1 pair or tree eartips for swimming, 1 pair of fin eartips for water activities, and 4 different sizes of the ergo eartips for running and biking.
  • 1 black mesh bag for storing and carrying your headphones

Ideal for Water Sports

I tested these headphones, like the Underwater iPod, in my local pool.  The headphones come with an instruction booklet, which shows you how to fit the headphones, and how to secure them underneath your goggles.  This advice was really easy to follow, and once fitted, they remained in my ear for the duration of the swim session.  They can be worn with or without a swim cap – I opted for without – and the headphone material ensures they remain in place.

I thought I’d really test these headphones to see if they were the real deal.  I completed an hour’s vigorous swim session, performed all four of the major strokes, and did flip turns at the ends of the pool. I also did a few dives.  The headphones remained in place throughout every test that I put them through.

The Quality

When teamed with the Underwater iPod Shuffle, the Swimbuds Sport Headphones performed perfectly.  The sound was crisp, even when underwater, and I didn’t experience any interference during my swim session.  Due to their quality, I actually think I will use them for more than water sports.  They easily rival the Apple headphones, and being waterproof, I can feel safe using them for many other activities.

The Swimbuds Sport Headphones are currently available for order from Amazon and the Underwater Audio website for $70.  If you love your water sports, and are sick of constantly readjusting your headphones for comfort, these are the headphones for you.  I again, cannot recommend them highly enough.