‘Sled Dog Gun: Aviemore Dreaming’ by Jim Bryde is Released


Sled Dog Gun CoverAustin Macauley Publishers are delighted to announce the publication of ‘Sled Dog Gun: Aviemore Dreaming’ by Jim Bryde. To say Bryde’s passion for sled dog racing can be felt in every page of this book is an understatement. This is a truly endearing account of a man’s life shared with Siberian Huskies, and the trouble and chaos that can sometimes come with it! With enthralling accounts of races across snow, gravel, England and Scotland, even readers who thought they weren’t interested in the sport will become gripped!

For dog lovers, and those who own or are interested in owning Siberian Huskies and racing them, this book is a practical Godsend.

Bryde’s personal accounts are littered with valuable tips of the trade from an experienced sled dog racer . Bryde’s conversational and informal tone make this a marvellous and highly-recommended read, and it has certainly seen many positive reviews since its release.

“Jim Bryde, sled dog racer, always had the ambition to place first in the pinnacle of Britain’s sled dog racing, the competition Aviemore’. This is the story of his life shared with Siberian Huskies; the trouble, love and tragedy that can come with a passion for racing and indeed for the dogs themselves. Jim’s beloved dogs include the loveable Joker, stubborn Dansa, the placid and friendly Bandit, but could it be Gun, son of Fly and Maji, and Gun’s subsequent bloodline, who can finally lead Jim’s team to victory, after many years of placing second? While Jim’s personal life sometimes overlaps into the world of racing, the passion for his hobby can be felt in every word of this endearing account of sled dog racing. To those interested in owning Siberian Huskies and racing sled dogs, his own individual accounts of his experiences are full of valuable tips.”

Sled Dog Gun is available to purchase from Amazon and Austin Macauley – for further information please visit www.austinmacauley.com.

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