Using a GoPro to Capture Your Adventurous Experiences


Adventure sports are one of the best ways for thrill seekers to get their adrenaline fix, however up until recently there hasn’t been an easy way to capture and share these adventures with those who don’t share the same level or nerve. Enter the GoPro. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to record and share your adventures, we’ve got just the blog to get you started.

Photo by Adam Bautz
Photo by Adam Bautz


The two main advantages of using a GoPro over, for example, your cell phone is that they can be attached virtually anywhere and are near indestructible. If you’re into motocross racing, your helmet can make the perfect mount, with quick and easy snap on accessories available. For snowboarders, there’s nothing quite like attaching a GoPro to the front of your board and capturing the ride as you race down the slopes. With waterproof capabilities included, even the edge of your surfboard becomes the perfect spot to capture what really happens inside a giant wave.


When using a GoPro you’ve got two editing options; you can either use your footage as it, which is a fine option given that your GoPro records in full HD and includes image stabilization technology, or you can use the included software to edit. Editing with GoPro’s included software is made to be extremely easy and doesn’t require a powerful computer. As an addition, the provided software allows you to use still frames from the footage and export them as pictures to save and share.


What’s the point of capturing if you can’t share? And with a GoPro, this part is just as easy as capturing. If you’re on the slopes and you want to share instantly, get yourself a voucher from the Straight Talk Groupon Coupons page, pair your GoPro wirelessly with your cell phone and instantly upload to your favorite social network. If you prefer to do a little editing, the included software gives you the ability to save for and export to social networks and email with ease.

Technology such as action cams have come a long way and where capturing your adventure was near impossible, products like a GoPro tackle the task with ease. Before you head out next, get yourself an action cam, attach it to your gear and get ready to prove your adventures.