Five Ways to Become an Expert Tightrope Walker


Over the years, tightrope walking has become a tradition in several countries. In others, it has mainly been associated with the circus. In the current world, it is possible to train as a tightrope walker and become a professional or expert in the field. Attaining the skill is, however, easier said than done.

Ideally, funambulism requires determination and commitment for one to become an expert in it. This is due to some of the tough challenges that are associated with the activity. Fortunately, training to become an expert tightrope walker is not entirely impossible.

Here are four tips that you can follow to become an expert tightrope walker.

Understand the Science Behind It

More often than not, science is applied to make possible some of the things that seem impossible. Funambulism is one of the practices where science is involved. This means that it is possible to understand the concepts behind tightrope walking and use them to become an expert. For instance, by putting together all the angles, masses, forces and velocities that go into an interaction between the tightrope and the person, it is possible to find the optimal conditions. Additionally, the inner ear provides sufficient information about falling thus helping the rope walker maintain balance.

The sag of the rope is also a consideration when trying tightrope walking. A tightrope that has little sag has quicker vibrations. On the contrary, a loose rope with more sag has more back and forth swings. By understanding such scientific facts, it is easy to get the ‘sweet spot’ where it is possible to balance on the rope.

Start Practicing Young & Maintain Your Body

Tightrope walking is a career that could cause accidents if not taken seriously. In fact, some people get nervous just thinking about it. A lot of training is, therefore, a step towards a successful tightrope walking career. The practice becomes most effective when the person starts training when still young. This helps your body to adapt to the experiences and challenges faced while on the rope.

If you start training and practicing while still young, you easily gain the necessary experience and skills needed to impress potential employers.

Starting practicing young will also give you the chance to eat the right foods and the right fruits to help your body adapt.  And, you could consider joining camps that offer tightrope walking training as a step towards becoming an expert tightrope walker.

Another way to maintain your body as a tightrope walker is by consuming lots of fruit juice as this will not only keep you healthy but also will keep you younger. So, have a look at Veranda Interiors website to see what they have to say about juicing. You can also click here to learn about Orangina juices.

Learn from Mentors

Like other sports and activities, you may find it easier to learn tightrope walking from videos or various posts and blogs. However, while tightrope walking is a riskier sport compared to other games, it requires professional and active training. In fact, when tightrope walking, there are several changes that occur in your body, thus the need for professional training. For this reason, a mentor is a must-have for you to become a successful tightrope walker.

This is preferably a professional in the tightrope walking field who will effectively deliver the skills that you need. The mentor will accompany you to summer camps or other places convenient for you to practice tightrope walking. They will also help you familiarize with the experiences you have as a tightrope walker not to mention helping you achieve your dream as an expert tightrope walker. This may take you a while, but the rewards are worth taking the extra effort.

Train for the Worst

Tightrope walking is not one of the careers or hobbies where you are guaranteed total safety. On the contrary, it is an activity that will, from time to time, require you to participate in some risky and dangerous areas. It is possible to overcome such havoc when the right preparation and training is done. Therefore, when exercising for tightrope walking, have some sessions where you prepare for the absolute worst.

For instance, you could train under harsh conditions such as being on a wire blindfolded with wind turbines around. Additionally, you could practice around falls to help make you more robust. Such conditions will help you envision some of the problems experienced during performances thus helping you have an easier time when before an audience or client.


An expert tightrope walker is not a title that you acquire overnight. Instead, it is a process that demands a combination of fierce determination and daring desire for an adrenaline rush. With the right level of continuous motivation, it is possible to micromanage the situation and achieve your dream. Use the tips above and become an expert tightrope walker in a less daunting way.