The Best Extreme Sports Competitions This Year


2019 is just around the corner, and we already have some exciting events lined up for the new year. We also have a number of extreme sports events scheduled in December, promising spectacular action and a way to close the year on a high note.

extreme sports competitions

Before you jump into the BettingTop10 list of bookmakers and odds for next year’s events, it is always fun to remember the best moments from this year’s competitions. Here are the best extreme sports competitions we’ve seen this year.

X Games Aspen

The X Games were held in Aspen in January and started the year with a bang. This event is no longer exclusively for fans of extreme sports, especially with the performances we saw this year. The X Games 2018 attracted more crowds than ever before thanks to performers like Kygo.

The real highlight of the event, however, was when Ayumu Hirano threw one of the most incredible SuperPipe moves we have ever seen. The audience was in awe and it felt like time had stopped for a few seconds as Hirano went airborne.

The moment when Maggie Voisin won the Women’s Ski Slopestyle Final was also special. The US Olympic Freeski team member was overwhelmed with emotion after snatching the top spot in this event. It was her first X Games gold medal.

Cowal Highland Gathering

The 2018 Cowal Highland Gathering was considered by many as the perfect day. With the event gaining notoriety around the world, it was filled with people not just from Scotland, but also from other countries. The goal was simple: to see who could bring home some Cowal trophies.

Runners lined up for the world’s toughest 5K and it was a sight to behold. The Cowal Hill Race saw Gavin Whiteside finishing first, followed by Grant McKellar, who was the local favourite. Paul Monaghan completed the top three with an equally incredible time.

The Cowal Highland Gathering is also fascinating because of the Open Championships, and this year’s Men’s Open competition was no different. The event was won by Ryan Dolan with a stunning performance. The Drakes of Hazard, a staple in previous Cowal Highland Gatherings, also returned to the event.

Red Bull Airborne

The Red Bull Airborne, held in Hossegor, France (a location renowned for its challenging waves), had its inaugural run this year. Pushing surfers to the limits, the competition was added to the World Surfing League calendar earlier this year and it was an instant success.

Yago Dora won the inaugural event and defeated all five rivals in the final event. The judges were strict, but the Brazilian surfer took the lead early in the final round with two scores of 6.67 and 4.93. A total of 58 airs were completed, which is nothing short of spectacular.

There were lots of exciting events this year, and many believe next year will be even more thrilling for extreme sports fans. Be sure to stay tuned for updates on the greatest extreme sports competitions here on Extreme Sports X.

Creative Commons photo by Zach Dischner