Reasons to Visit Nassau, Bahamas: An Extreme Divers Paradise


Comprised of about 2000 islands and 470,000 square kilometers from Cuba to Florida, diving in the Bahamas offers drifts, sharks, amazing coral reefs, and more.

As the capital of the Bahamas, Nassau has everything you could desire for an unforgettable escape: great food, rich history, and miles of beautiful turquoise water lapping up on the white sandy beach. Along with its beauty and charm, Nassau has some of the world’s best extreme diving spots.

Here are just a few reasons why Nassau should be at the top of your list for extreme diving!

Abundance of Marine Life

For the diver who loves variety, Nassau offers a wide array of marine habitats. From the vast 1,820m trenches to the intricate coral reefs, the waters of Nassau are flourishing with countless species of reef fish. This is the perfect place to study marine life and watch your favorite fish in open water.

Known for some of the best shark dives in the world, the waters surrounding Nassau are littered with coral gardens, marine life, shipwrecks, drop off and, of above all, plenty of sharks! You can get closer to these fascinating creatures than possible in many other locations.

When in Nassau, don’t miss out on the Bahamas hottest dive spots including Shark Wall, Shark Arena and Willaurie Wreck. For all these reasons and more, Bahama scuba diving is fun for extreme divers and those of varying experience levels!

Movie History

You might not have realized, but Nassau might be featured in some of your favorite movies. Along with the famous shark haven, Runway Wall, Nassau was a location for many James Bond films. Divers can explore the sites of James “Spectre” and “Never Say Never Again.” Another Sean Connery flick “Thunderball” also filmed in their underwater studio off the coast of Nassau.

Calling all thriller movie lovers: Nassau is the dive for you!

Arts and Culture

Nassau is a well-rounded thrill seekers paradise. Along with its extreme diving below the surface, there are many grand resorts to choose from, a vivacious nightlife, countless water and land activities and delicious international cuisine.

When you’re not exploring dark caves, shark-infested waters, or drift diving to some eerie sites, there is plenty to do on the land as well. Those craving adventure can take a hike or play a sport on the sands.

A Thrill Seeker’s Haven

Nassau is a diver’s ideal location for a variety of thrilling experiences. From numerous species of sharks to mysterious caves, everything a diver needs can be found in this Bahama capital.

The water visibility of the Bahamas deep blue is up to 100 feet and the water temperatures remain in the 70 to 80-degree temperature range year-round. This is perfect for clear and deep diving. You’ll really feel like you’re exploring the entire ocean, not just sitting on the surface.

Extreme diving companies offer numerous dives every day of the week to choose from. According to one USA Today’s Top three diving spots in Nassau, Bahama Divers, some of the best spots for diving in Nassau include:

  • The Fish Hotel
  • The Shipyard
  • The De La Salle Wreck
  • Lighthouse Wreck & Reef
  • The Lost Blue Hole

 This company of over 40 years is known for their mysterious Lost Blue Hole tour. The blue hole is among the most unique and thrilling experiences in the Bahamas. The 200 feet natural structure is home to many unpredictable surprises. Perfect for any extreme divers who love adventure!

You can partake in several tank count dives – the company makes two dive trips a day, so there’s no reason to hold off on adventure.

Nassau is an Adventurer’s Paradise!

Nassau is the ideal spot for diving in the Bahamas! From exciting deep dives to the abundance of surprising marine life, Nassau is an extreme diver’s dream territory. Start planning your Nassau diving excursion today for the thrill of a lifetime!