2019 X Games Update: From Minneapolis to Norway


Minneapolis has become a new home for the Summer X Games events. But Minneapolis isn’t the only spot gaining attention in the X Game scene. Norway is up next.

We haven’t seen any odds for the event at top sportsbooks as of yet, but they are bound to come out soon. The action gets underway from the Telenor Arena on August 31, at 6:30 AM ET. So, if you are in the Americas, prepare for an early Saturday morning. You might want to set your coffee maker the night before.

The Norway Schedule


6:30 AM: Skate Street Eliminations

6:30 AM: SKii & Snowboard Big Air Eliminations

9:00 AM: Moto X Best Trick

9:00 AM: Women’s Skateboard Street

9:00 AM: Women’s Snowboard Big Air

11:30 AM: Moto X Best Whip

11:30 AM: Women’s Ski Big Air & Men’s Snowboard Big Air

11:30 AM: Men’s Skate Street

2:30 PM: Men’s Ski Big Air

2:30 PM: Moto X Quarter-Pipe High Air

Sunday Re-Air

If you can’t catch the events live, many of the main events will re-air starting at 11:00 AM on Sunday, September 1st. Clips of the best aspects of each event will be put together and aired starting on September 8th.

Who’s Invited to Compete in Norway


  • Matt Berger
  • Kevin Bækkel
  • Mariah Duran
  • Jamie Foy
  • Aurelien Giraud
  • Kelvin Hoefler
  • Yuto Horigome
  • Candy Jacobs
  • Rayssa Leal
  • Aori Nishimura
  • Momiji Nishiya
  • Luan Oliveira
  • Tonje Pedersen
  • Gustavo Ribeiro
  • Pamela Rosa


  • Alex Beaulieu-Marchand
  • Oystein Braaten
  • Elena Gaskell
  • Mathilde Gremaud
  • Alex Hall
  • Henrik Harlaut
  • Sarah Hoefflin
  • Johanne Killi
  • Tess Ledeux
  • Evan McEachran
  • Christian Nummedal
  • Birk Ruud
  • Ulrik Samnoy
  • Giulia Tanno
  • Oscar Wester
  • James Woods


  • Jamie Anderson
  • Laurie Blouin
  • Chris Corning
  • Anna Gasser
  • Yuki Kadono
  • Stian Kleivdal
  • Julia Marino
  • Mark McMorris
  • Annika Morgan
  • Kokomo Murase
  • Markus Olimstad
  • Max Parrot
  • Rene Rinnekangas
  • Mons Røisland
  • Sven Thorgren
  • Fridtjof Sæther Tischendorf

Moto X:

  • Luc Ackermann
  • Rob Adelberg
  • Elijah Aldoff
  • Tyler Bereman
  • Corey Creed
  • Axell Hodges
  • Jarryd McNeil
  • Clinton Moore
  • Tom Parsons
  • Colby Raha
  • Josh Sheehan
  • Jackson Strong
  • Edgar Torronteras
  • Genki Watanabe

What’s Special About X Games Norway?

First of all, this is the fourth year that the X Games have visited Norway. And it’s a special kind of event because it acts almost like a bridge between Summer and Winter Games. A hybrid lineup of Ski, Skate, and Moto Cross is put together at the very end of August. You can find out more here.

They have already started building, and the Street Course looks phenomenal. It’s set up like a triangle with a quarter-pipe and platform set up on the far left if the bottom of the triangular-shaped course, with a pair of hipped mini-ish quarters opposite, set up with an almost vert quarter in-between. It will be interesting to see how the skaters utilize this section for transitions. The stretch between quarter-pipe sections has a rolling double with handrails off a pyramid-box.

North of this, is an upper, step-up platform with mini-ramps at a 45-degree angle to one another and stairs on either side with handrails. The athletes have multiple options off the stairs. They can gain speed off the mini-ramp and do maneuvers while using the stairs as a gap, or utilize the handrails, or use the boxes to grind.

All in all, the set-up is looking great, and we can’t wait to see it in action.