Seavenger Navigator Wetsuit Review


Seavenger may not be one of the most well known names in water sports, but their budget wetsuits have been becoming more popular over the last couple of years.  The Seavenger Navigator is one of the best offerings by the company and is suitable for all kinds of water sports, including scuba diving and surfing.  Comfortable to wear, and designed to protect against scratches and scrapes, it’s a top choice for those who need a warm weather suit, yet don’t want to spend the big bucks to get one.


  • Made from Nylon II Neoprene
  • #10 YKK zipper with extra long leash for convenience
  • Anti-abrasion shoulder pads
  • Super stretch armpit panels
  • Flat-lock stitching to prevent chafing

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Pros and Cons of the Seavenger Navigator Wetsuit

The Seavenger Navigator is a 3mm neoprene wetsuit that is suitable for use in warm waters of 65oF and above.  Whether you plan on going snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, or spearfishing, the Navigator has been designed to make your activity as comfortable as possible.  The smooth seam construction in the suit reduces irritation caused by chafing, while the short sleeve fit enables you to move around freely and without obstruction.

Anti-abrasion pads have been built into the shoulders of the Seavenger Navigator, which is great news for scuba divers who suffer from rashes and irritation caused by BCDs.  The Sharkskin chest panel has also been designed with activity in mind, offering an extra level of strength to surfers.

The main complaint that people have with the Seavenger Navigator is due to its size. Sizes go from X Small all the way through to 5X large, but they do tend to run on the small side compared to other brands.  A size chart can be found by clicking here; it’s worth checking this out and purchasing based on measurements as opposed to the generic size you usually would buy.

Final Thoughts

For a budget wetsuit, the Seavenger Navigator is a good buy.  Suitable for warm weather activities, you can’t go far wrong, especially if you will only be using the suit for a month or two.  Those who take part in water sports on the regular may be better off purchasing a more expensive wetsuit, however.  Again, we do recommend checking out the brand’s sizing chart prior to purchase otherwise you may end up sending it back for a return or replacement.