What to Know About the Upcoming Asia Recreational Water Sports Expo


Fans who love water sports and travel alike have one major event to look forward to next year: the 2020 Asia Recreational Water Sports Expo! Held in Guangzhou, China, the expo is scheduled for May 10 through May 12, 2020.

For those who enjoy water sports such as diving, yachting and surfing, the event promises to be worthy exposition with the latest information, trends and equipment on display. Even for those who enjoy athletic endeavors outside of the water, the Asia Recreational Water Sports Expo has a variety of shows and exhibits planned. Here’s everything you need to know about this global gathering.

ARWSE 2020 at a Glance

Next year’s ARWSE is set in motion, with the exhibition being segmented into six different areas:

  • Water Recreational Sports Equipment
  • Yacht Industry
  • Diving Equipment
  • Cloth and Materials
  • Sports Apparel and Gear
  • Bodybuilding Equipment

Such a wide array of sports offerings ensures that both avid lovers of water sports and recreational enthusiasts alike will find plenty of exhibits of interest. Specific exhibits will feature diving supplies, water safety products, surfing and water skiing equipment, boat showcases, and swimming supplies and equipment.

Organizers expect 30,000 visitors or more to visit next year’s ARWSE, with attendees originating from all over the world. Additionally, organizers have ensured that national tourism authorities representing more than a half-dozen countries will be present, including representatives from Italy, Singapore, the United States, Switzerland and the Philippines. Around 400 exhibitors are expected to be present at the 2020 expo.

Prospective attendees can find more information by visiting the ARWSE 2020 website.

Previous ARWSE Exhibitors

At the 2019 ARWSE, hundreds of companies and brands highlighted their products and equipment. Some examples of brands represented at this year’s expo include Allheart Marine, Blue-Fin, Guanya Sports, Hoverstar Flight and Luji Technology. An even greater line-up of water sports and luxury recreational brands will be present at the 2020 expo, offering an even greater selection of top-of-the-line products and equipment to those who attend.

Other Ongoing Activities

Hosted alongside a variety of trade shows with leisure-themed products, guests will uncover a litany of intriguing sports and recreational offerings in and around the expo. Relevant trade shows co-hosted alongside the ARWSE include the Asia Pool and Spa Expo, the Guangzhou International Leisure and Recreation Expo, and the Asia Amusement and Attractions Expo.

How to Sign Up for ARWSE 2020

Visitors and exhibitors alike can easily reserve their spots for ARWSE 2020: it only takes a few minutes! Guests who wish to attend can pre-register by clicking here. Water sports and recreational brands interested in more information about the expo can contact the event representative by email at info3@grandeurhk.com.

Readers of Extreme Sports X can receive free entry tickets and a discounted rate for exhibiting by contacting Cindy Chan at info3@grandeurhk.com.


Update 4th May: Due to the Coronavirus, the date and location of this expo has now been changed.  It is now expected to go ahead on August 3rd-5th at the China Import and Export Fair Complex.