From Motocross to Raw and Edgy Rock Music: Spotlight on Lanny Paul


Lanny Paul is a man of many talents. From motocross to raw and edgy rock music, there is nothing this adrenaline-junkie can’t do.

Paul has been a rider of motorcycles his entire life. His motocross dreams took him far, as he helped build freestyle world record breaking setting jumps for the notorious Seth Enslow. And, because of his dedication to the daring sport, he has inevitably suffered a few injuries including shaved and broken bones (his nose and his neck, to name a couple). However, that has never detered him from teaching his kids to embrace his passion of motocross.

You can find him on the tracks a few times a week teaching his kids how to correctly maneuver the machines and learn the sport. Though, like any great dad, he makes sure to put an emphasis on good sportsmanship and networking with the motocross community to make new friends and build connections; A key concept for Paul as he works to continue to infiltrate his music into the motocross scene.

Paul’s music is incorporated into the sport most notably as he’s had the honor of singing the National Anthem at many Freestyle Motocross events. Paul’s big voice and powerful pipes are easily recognizable accompanied by his modern-rock style singing.

Because of Paul’s long-time connection to motocross, his singing is featured across a multitude of viral motocross videos. Paul’s long term relationship with motocross events has created interested in his other passion, his music. As riders checked out his music, they became Lanny Paul fans and promoted his music in their own videos. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that combines two of Paul’s talents. Plus his catchy and motivating sound is perfect for track racing!

Paul’s support and love for the motocross community is shown through these IG’s where you can hear his melodic tunes within the videos: