The Best Paintball Courses in the World


Many people who aren’t into paintball disregard the courses. Namely, they believe that paintball fields represent little more than muddy obstacle courses, with a bunch of trees and tires. But true aficionados of the sport know they not every plot of land could rightfully be called a paintball field.  It’s not enough to play with the best paintball guns… you want to play on the best courses!

That’s why we’ve decided to take a look at some of the very finest paintball courses in the world and seed the idea in their minds that paintballs do last long! These areas hold true renown among both fans and industry professionals. And most importantly of all – they were clearly built by real paintball fans, for real paintball fans. Should you ever have the opportunity to play at one of these bad boys, we highly recommend not missing your shot!

Skirmish, USA

Let’s face it – Skirmish is definitely one of the best paintball courses in the United States. Saying that it’s big would be an understatement, with its 700 acres of pure paintball fun. Some of the biggest events in paintball are hosted here, including a massive Normandy simulation battle, which has 4,000 participants each July.

Hollywood Sports, California

This place is definitely the Mecca for paintball on the Southern coast. Quite literally, this is one of the greatest parks for paintball on the planet. While it may not be the most spacious arena, it certainly is the most diverse. Within this park, you’ll find seven different fields offering wildly varying scenarios, as well as two buildings with a story. You also get a MOUT course for training, and movie sets that were actually used on Saving Private Ryan, Starship Troopers, The Haunting, and Godzilla.

CPX, Chicago

If we move up North, we’ll find CPX Chicago – undoubtedly one of the finest paintball areas in the world. The CPX facility has over 140 acres, and it’s home to some of the most widely recognized events in the sport; the Living Legends event is held here, for example – bringing 2,000 players who come from all over the globe. This place has 20 fields, with many different teams – including a Jungle of Doom scenario, as well as an Armageddon one.

Hot Shots Paintball, Australia

This wouldn’t be much of a list of the best paintball courses in the world, if it only included parks in the USA. That’s why we’re moving on to the Land Down Under – and the Hot Shots Paintball park in Australia. Their offering is definitely unique in many ways, as they include more than the simple course constructions. Apart from obstacles, they also offer sound effects, explosions, and other visual special effects. With more than 100 acres of impeccably designed fields to immerse yourself in, you’re guaranteed to have a great time!

Asylum Paintball, New Zealand

If you’re interested in a particularly spooky paintball experience – Asylum Paintball in New Zealand is certainly something you should consider. This paintball park is found in the craziest possible location – the Kingseat mental institution, which operated until the late ‘90s. You’re not likely to find more exciting close-quarter combat situations than in this paintball field. And the fact that it’s found in one of the most haunted areas on the island only adds to the drama!