Most Mountain Bike Mad Areas of the UK Revealed


The UK isn’t short of mountain bike trails, but which cities are home to the most mountain bike mad people? Tweeks Cycles, leading UK supplier of bikes, cycling clothing, bike components and accessories; has mined Google Keyword Data to reveal the areas which are searching and clicking on mountain bike related content the most.

Here’s the full list of where the UK’s most mountain bike mad enthusiasts live according to the data*:

  • Gloucester
  • Cardiff
  • Swansea
  • Chester
  • Lichfield
  • Leicester
  • Hereford
  • Bristol
  • Derby
  • Inverness

Tweeks Cycles analysed its own sales data for the last three years which supported Google’s data, it found that Wales was the biggest spending country on mountain bike related purchases, accumulating at 8.7% of overall sales in this category**. Customers in Gloucester were the biggest spenders ahead of customers in Cardiff, Swansea and Chester. Only one city in Scotland – Inverness – featured in the top 10.

To encourage more people to dust off their mountain bikes, Tweeks Cycles has created an ultimate guide to all the mountain bike trails in the UK. The guide – which outlines more than 30 trails – documents each of the major trails and trail centres around the UK. It also provides details about each of the locations including the difficulty level of each trail, the equipment you’ll need to provide and the facilities available.

Chris Turner, Managing Director, at Tweeks Cycles said: “At Tweeks Cycles, our mission has always been to support cycling enthusiasts and we want to help everyone get out on their bikes as much as possible – that’s why we’ve tailored the guide to reflect different abilities.

“Creating the guide was an opportunity for us to help cyclists from all over the UK. We have great knowledge of the different trails and centres, and know our customers are always looking to improve their riding ability and try out new trails. Beyond our vast product range of mountain bikes, clothing and equipment, we wanted to offer our customers a valuable resource that gives them everything they need to know about trails in their area and further afield, too, so if you’re looking for a new challenge or somewhere to take the family, this guide will help you on your way.”

*Google Keyword Forecast Data

**Tweeks Cycles Sales Data (2017, 2018 and 2019)