Best Ice Fishing Shacks for your Next Adventure


Fishing is one of the most adventurous hobbies and relaxing at the same time. It’s very exhilarating when you catch the fish you are looking for, yet the wait for that thud on the line is just calming while your heart is on a steady semi heightened beat. You wait in anticipation yet you know the possibilities are endless.

What is even more adventurous is ice fishing. Ice fishing is usually done by opening a hole in a frozen body of water and lowering a line, bait and hook to catch fish. Some also use spears to catch fish yet the most commonly used method is using a line. Click here to learn more about ice fishing.

Ice fishing can get very cold especially because you are surrounded by ice and the temperature is below zero degrees Celsius. In this situation, you will need some shelter to fight off the cold and to keep you warm. It would be really cool to build your own igloo but this will take you a lot of time and since you are just there for fishing, you might as well use most of the time in catching fish. Another downside of building an igloo is that it tends to be very heavy stacking slabs of ice to build a shelter. This might break the frozen body of water and cause an accident too.

Aside from wearing tons of jackets while fishing, you can use a fishing shanty or tent to keep you warm while you wait for your catch. These are tents that are specifically made to keep the warmth inside and to allow you to fish at the same time. These are cold portable ice shelters and if you want to go fishing somewhere frozen, then you might as well bring one of these with you to ensure that you don’t suffer or die of hypothermia.

Fishing on a frozen body of water is becoming popular among enthusiasts of this hobby. A lot are turning to this type of activity for the thrill and enjoyment of catching fish under a frozen body of water. Since this has become so popular in which a portable shelter is a must-bring item, then there are a lot of different brands now to choose from of this product. To help you choose between the different brands available out there, here is a guide on the best ice fishing shelters.

Eskimo Quickfish 3 Person Pop-up Portable Shelter

This pop-up portable shelter is very lightweight and it is very easy to use. Since it is a pop-up shelter, you don’t need to assemble this on site. It takes at most 60 seconds to prop this up and to take it down because of its hub design. This uses high-quality materials to ensure that you are kept warm while you fish in very low temperatures.

This stands at 80 inches tall and you will have 34 square feet of space inside the tent to fish and relax with your 2 other buddies. As this is designed to accommodate three people, you will have a lot of space if you will be alone there fishing. But it is best to bring your two best buddies with you and enjoy a couple of beers with them while fishing.

This tent uses metal hubs and fiberglass poles so you don’t have to worry about bad weather. It can withstand strong winds, rains, and even hail. Its fabric is made out of IQ fabric which is evidently warmer than other fabrics by 35 percent which gives you a guarantee that you won’t have to worry about being cold inside this shelter.

This also has a removable and adjustable window that you can use to view your surroundings. This can be extremely useful as there could be wild animals around you and having a window will allow you to see if there is an impending attack. This can also be used to adjust your insulation to make sure that you are neither too hot inside the Eskimo Quickfish nor too cold.

Lastly, the Eskimo Quickfish has high-quality zippers to make sure that you are safe inside it and that it won’t easily be destroyed which will leave you susceptible to the harsh conditions around you.

Eskimo Fatfish Portable 3-4 Persons Pop Up Fishing Shanty

This is similar to the Eskimo Fatfish but with more space and better features. It is very lightweight weighing only 27 pounds. It is easy to bring around with you as you can place this inside a duffel bag together with your gear for fishing. The Fatfish is made of very high-quality fabric that is perfect for insulating warmth. The fabric used is very tightly-woven, and it consists of a high thread count to make sure that that warm air will not escape this shelter. You won’t have to worry about feeling cold using this even with all the snow around you. Your fishing experience in the Fatfish will be very comfortable and top-notch.

Choosing the right shanty in harsh conditions is very important as it can be the deciding factor for your life or death. As the harsh conditions in cold areas are very difficult to handle, it pays to be prepared always. Even for seasoned fishermen, safety is still the first and foremost concern. Plus, wild animals can attack you anytime as there won’t be a lot of people around to scare the wild animals away. Choose the one that is best for you and enjoy ice fishing in safety and comfort.