Extreme Camping: Types and Locations To Try It


Want to try a new level of camping? Try extreme camping to make your experience more fun and action-filled. Especially when you’re craving for a higher level of camping, extreme camping can break the monotony.

Not only will you enjoy it, but it’ll also hone your outdoor skills. Extreme camping is way better than the usual ones even when you’re in a group or going solo.

Here are some types of extreme camping and where to try them:

1. Backpacking

Exploring an unfamiliar place becomes more exciting when you go backpacking. You can enjoy the solitude as you’re away from the crowd, facilities, and the roads. Instead of sleeping comfortably in a hotel room, go camping, and immerse yourself with nature.

When you’re backpacking, you’ll definitely trek, tramp, and camp in the backcountry. If you’re doing it for the first time, it’s best to learn more at outdoorcommand.com. Depending on your preference, you can go backpacking in these places:

  • Desert – if you’re looking for open spaces to go backpacking, the desert may be perfect. The desert can give you serenity and calmness while experiencing a unique kind of backpacking.
  • Out of The Country – when you want to experience different cultures, try travel backpacking. This type of backpacking lets you travel the world on foot. You can meet different people from different places as part of your adventure.
  • Mountain – if reaching the summits and enjoy the scenery from above, mountain backpacking is for you. You’ll traverse forests and enjoy the wilderness.

2. Survival Camping

If you want to enjoy more of the wilderness, go survival camping. It’s more extreme than backpacking as you’re required to only use resources around you. As the name dictates, you’ll learn to survive using only the essentials from your surroundings.

More importantly, you’ll be on an adventure although you’re in close quarters with nature. Aside from learning to hunt for food from the wilderness, you must accustom yourself to natural medical treatments. Also, you may even develop your skills in finding the best camping site. But you must also familiarize yourself with these extreme camping tips when starting this adventure.

3. Canoe Camping

If you’re done backpacking and traveling by land, you should also try the waters. Canoe camping lets you travel long distant places using a canoe. It usually takes days, so you’re bound to camp.

When canoe camping, you can do it with or without a guide. While canoeing, you’ll enjoy the scenery while paddling or relaxing on a canoe or kayak. You can also break the boredom by racing if you’re using more than two canoes. Or you can play games like gunwale bobbing. The players should balance on the gunwales while bobbing or moving the canoe. The first to fall in the water is the loser.

You can choose whatever games or activities to enjoy while canoeing as long as the water is calm. That’s why you have to know the water classifications of the canoe camping location before choosing one:

  • Class 1 – The risk is slight because the water has small waves even when it’s fast-moving. Also, it has few obstructions.
  • Class 2 – this water type has clear and wide channels. The river has easy water rapids.
  • Class 3 – The water may have irregular and moderate waves. The water rapid can capsize an open canoe.
  • Class 4 – The water is turbulent in this classification. The water rapids are predictable but have constricted passages, unavoidable holes, and large waves.
  • Class 5 – The water rapids are very violent, obstructed, and extremely extend to long distances. Moreover, this type of water may have demanding routes, congested and complex chutes, and unavoidable steep, holes, and waves.
  • Class 6 – This classification covers waters that are dangerous and unpredictable. That’s why these waters are not recommended for leisure.

4. Reenactment Camping

If you want to go back to the past, you can do so with reenactment camping. The most popular ones include the Medieval Times, Revolutionary War, WWII, Roman Legion, the Civil War, and other historical events.

During this type of camping, you’ll also camp how they do it during those times. The food, furnishings, camps, and utensils are replicas of the reenactment. That’s why you’ll get a feel of how it’s like before.

However, you must coordinate with a local organization as this type of camping is not available for all. But you can find reenactment camping from New Hampshire to New York.


Make your camping exciting with these extreme camping ideas. No matter what type of camping, you can find it anywhere. You can even experience these types of camping from various locations. Although they’re extreme, you can keep yourself safe by using the right camping gear.

As long as you’re ready to experience a different experience while camping, you’ll definitely enjoy camping wherever it is. Alone or with your loved ones, these camping types are good choices.