Why You Should Buy an Electric Skateboard


By now you’ve probably seen them around the city streets. You’re in a car or on a bike going uphill, and somehow a person on a skateboard zips by you. They aren’t really ‘skating’ because you don’t see their feet ever lift off the board and kick themselves forward. So how in the world are they going uphill?

The answer — electricity.

That’s right! The electric skateboard is the newest trend to hit the streets. It’s a very simple invention, too. It’s just a skateboard with a battery, motor, and remote control. There are all kinds of styles available. And if you’re the DIY type, there are even build-your-own models as well.

Here, we go over just a few of the reasons you should buy an electric skateboard and what to look for when you want one.

An Easy Way to Travel

Being able to zip uphill with a remote controlled engine is one of the greatest joys a skateboarder can have.

Regular skateboards can be an exhausting and slow way to travel far distances. So take the engine and put it on a board, and boom! You now have a fast and cost-effective way to travel. Plus, you won’t be showing up where you need to go tired and dripping with sweat.

With an electric skateboard, gone are the days of tiring yourself out going uphill.

Improved Safety

On the flipside, when you are zooming downhill, you can use the remote control to brake, allowing you to slow down. This makes it safer than regular skateboards.

With this technology you can safely come to a stop at red lights, or slow down when oncoming traffic gets in the way.

Economical Mobility

Another great reason to get an electric skateboard is that it is a very economical way to travel. Cars can be too expensive for some people.

There are even many options available with off-road wheels. These models allow you to travel on certain paths that you could never go down with a traditional board. Even if there are certain areas on your commute where you can’t use it, electric skateboards are light enough to pick up and carry with you.

Ready to Hop on Board?

If you are ready to start shopping, it’s important to know what to look for before investing. Don’t just go for the model that looks the best to your eyes. We recommend shopping around and reading a full review of the best electric skateboards available.

Here is some important information to look for when shopping for electric skateboards:


You want to make sure the model you buy does the job you want it to. Just like with regular skateboards, you’re going to want to inspect the quality of the wheels. Are they going to last a long time? Can you go off-roading on them if you need to?

You will also want to check out its speed. Some boards can only go around 15 mph, whereas others max out closer to 30 mph. If you’re going to use your board to commute, the difference could mean getting to work twice as fast. Think about how you will use it and what the best fit for you is.

Battery Life

As with any product that has an electric motor, the battery is one of the most important features. Check to see how long the battery will last.

This is usually indicated by the ‘range’ of the board. This simply means how far you can get on the board before the battery dies. This can be anywhere from 10 to 30 miles.

The battery life of different models can mean the difference between getting to work on time and having your motor die halfway to the office.


This is an aspect of boards that a lot of people overlook. Heavier boards will require more power from the motor to operate. This could mean slower speeds and shorter battery life. It can also be difficult to lug around heavier boards for the times when you can’t skate.


Electric skateboards are all the rage right now, and for good reason. They are fast, cost-effective, and fun. With more and more choices coming available all the time, you’re sure to find the right fit for you!