Thrill-Seeker’s Paradise: California Has The Most Opportunities For Adventure & Extreme Sports


-California has 29 drop zones, 8,197 biking trails, 20 paragliding clubs and 22% of the United States’ safely reported climbing sites 

More and more people are being inspired to participate in powerful and physics-defying adventure activities. For example, the United States Parachute Association estimates that 3 million jumps were undertaken last year.

The United States is particularly popular given its diverse landscape fueling a vast range of sports. With this in mind, travel insurance comparison site InsureMyTrip analyzed data on over 35,000 adrenaline hotspots within all 50 states to discover which state has the most opportunities.


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California has the most opportunities overall. The Golden State has a total of 29 drop zones for sky diving, followed closely by Florida and Texas 24 drop zones. Similarly, California is a haven for mountain bikers with 8,197 official mountain bike trails, which accounts for 11% of all trails in the entire US. Furthermore, it is also home to 22% of all safe crag sites in the US, making it the most desirable for mountain climbers. Even the residents of California have a reputation as adrenaline enthusiasts, with some individuals aggressively campaigning to legalize one of the most dangerous activities of all, Base Jumping.

Despite ranking second overall, Colorado has the most opportunities for white water rafting with 60 certified companies. California, on the other hand, has just 57 companies. Elsewhere, snow sport lovers should head to Michigan, there are 39 lift-served alpine areas, followed by Wisconsin which has 36. If you are ever involved in an accident involving a big rig, you can easily find a big rig accident lawyer online that can help with your case.

It is possible to visit all the top 10 most adventurous states by car, in one ultimate road trip. Be warned though, this is not for the faint-hearted. It’s best to have the contact information of a lafayette accident lawyer just in case an auto accident occurs. There’s proper process in claiming for compensation after accidents. The trip will take 122 hours by car, starting in Florida and ending in California (or vice versa). The full route can be seen below. And if you’re ever involved in a truck accident, contact an experienced truck accident attorney for legal help.

InsureMyTrip has put together an interactive table looking at the findings in more detail, which can be viewed here.