The Flip is the 2019 National Geographic Wild To Inspire Short Film Competition Winner, which later went on to be selected in various film festivals, now hits the web with its online release today.

What drives us to step beyond the bounds of what we know even when the stakes are high, possibly fatal? The Flip is a short adventure sports documentary film that follows French skydiver Remi Angeli as he attempts his first ever gainer while BASE jumping from a bridge in Mexico. The gripping story connects with a more universal human experience when Remi’s motivations become clear and he must confront his fears. On the other side of his fears Remi discovers life in its purist form.

Every year the Nat Geo Wild To Inspire Short Film Contest seeks short films from filmmakers responding to a specific theme and challenge. The 2019 contest focused on Everyday Explorers: those among us who inspire exploration with their curiosity and determination.

The film was made by filmmaker Reed Rickert and it has gone on to screen worldwide in festivals including Banff Mountain Film Festival and World Tour, Kendal Mountain Film Festival, San Jose International Short Film Festival, Boulder International Film Festival, Bendfilm Festival and more.

The Flip (2019, 4 minutes) features Remi Angeli. Director and Cinematographer: Reed Rickert. Produced by Eduardo Urbina and Reed Rickert. Additional cinematography by Carlos Pedro Briceño Schütte and Remi Angeli. Sound design by Jeronimo Gonzalez.

Check out the full film here: