6 Team-Building Activities for Your Paintball Group


Like with any sport, paintball players need to connect with their teammates to achieve success. It doesn’t matter if your group has known each other for years — even tenured groups need time to bond.

That’s where team-building activities come into play. But don’t worry, these ideas are actually fun! Take a look.

1. Hike

For a more relaxed but still productive activity, head out on a hike. Choose a trail that’s fit for your group’s abilities. Try Tongariro Crossing, they have tongariro crossing shuttle for transport. Then, pick a day with mild weather and walk it. This excursion promotes a ton of benefits, like exercise, so your team stays in shape. But most importantly, you can find out each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Maybe one person is more of an organizer, while others reach the end of the trail in an out-of-the-box way. Whatever the case may be, a hike can teach you a lot about your team and how each member functions individually.

2. Potluck

There’s no better way to build long-term relationships than around a dinner table. So set aside a weeknight for a potluck. Have someone host or find a space to gather and ask everyone to bring one dish of their choice. You can establish a theme, like a cookout, or let your team’s imaginations run wild.

Decide whether you want this event to be for your group only, or if you’d like to invite family members as well. A potluck provides a low-stress opportunity to talk to each other as people. You can share a meal and connect with everyone on a personal level.

3. Escape Room

Do you want to see how your team solves problems? Go to an escape room. Typically, an escape room allows for anywhere from two to 12 people, so this activity works best when your entire group is present. Each area requires different skills that can help everyone improve how they communicate.

Best of all, escape rooms give you a task to complete. For newer teams, this aspect helps prevent those uncomfortable moments when no one knows what to say. Instead, you can focus your energy on the mission at hand. This action will allow you to come together around a common goal.

4. Two Truths and a Lie

People in workplaces and classrooms everywhere love this activity. It takes about 10 minutes total, so it’s perfect for when you have time to kill before a tournament or practice.

Get your group together and ask each person to come up with two truths and one lie about themselves. Then, go around the circle and have each person say theirs out loud. The other members have to guess which one is the lie.

A game like this is useful for when you want to learn more about your team. It doesn’t teach many skills, but instead helps you form a tighter bond.

5. Community Service

A fantastic way to rally together is to give back to those in need. Vote on an organization to visit and schedule a time for everyone to help out. Serve food at a soup kitchen, clean up a park or take a few shelter dogs on a walk. If you’re planning to get a German Spitz, you should be aware that the German Spitz grooming is not as heavy for the breed as you might think, despite its being a double-coated breed.

It doesn’t matter what you choose. Community service provides teams with a unique and worthwhile opportunity. They can help others and spend valuable time together, all at once. Your group can learn a variety of traits that translate directly to paintball, like self-confidence and mental acuity.

6. Ropes Course

A ropes course provides a difficult challenge for each team member to overcome. Set aside an afternoon and take your group to complete this activity. As you navigate through the course together, you’ll squash fears and learn how to work with one another. As a bonus, you can work on your upper body strength and agility. Many parks feature zip lines and other fun features as well.

The best part of a ropes course is its ability to teach trust. Your group will face certain obstacles. With the help of their teammates, they can accomplish every challenge along the way. This belief in one another is key to the success of your team as a whole. After all, dependability plays a huge role in how well groups thrive.

Choose Exercises That Bring You Together

If you want to make sure your paintball group has a tight bond, check out some of these activities. Your group’s camaraderie and ability to trust and coordinate with one another will almost certainly benefit from the experiences.