Airsoft Guns – Best Replicas Out There


The world of Airsoft is all about guns and gun enthusiasts. However, there’s a big difference between a gun enthusiast picking up airsoft and a gun expert doing so.

Naturally, in this respect, we talk about one of the main qualities of airsoft guns – the fact that they are replicas of real guns. Enthusiasts will probably rule out any unknown gun and choose a good gun replica based on looks only.

On the other hand, airsoft gun connoisseurs have an amazing arsenal of almost identical replicas of both famous and extremely powerful real-life weapons to show off in a gunfight. This is why, in today’s article, we’ll take a look at the best airsoft gun replicas out there!

Let’s see how closely airsoft manufacturers can replicate the real deal, so to say!

  • Nighthawk Custom GRP Steel Pistol

We start our top with what has been dubbed as the best pistol replica out there – not just due to its weight but also thanks to its looks like the new trijicon rmr rm09.

The Nighthawk Global Response Pistol has real steel used in its components and, as such, comes with a weight of roughly 1.2kg, making it one of the heaviest airsoft guns out there. Ironically, while owners of real guns want their weapons to be as light as possible, airsoft enthusiasts want their guns to be as heavy as the real deal.

Those that have tested this custom GRP praised its stiffness (especially around the hammer) – not to mention the recoil spring that makes the pistol as snappy as a real one!

  • ASG Dan Wesson 6-Inch Silver Pistol

Next on our list is a beautiful 6-round Revolver made by ASG. Revolvers are some of the most popular guns among airsoft players, given their looks, sheer firepower, and the fact that you get an amazing feeling when firing one.

Once again, we’re introduced to an all-metal design, which seems to be in great demand in the airsoft world. After all, a heavy, metallic gun is much better than a flimsy plastic/carbon one. The revolver weighs around 1kg and is almost 30 cm long.

Among its most impressive features, we have the smoothbore barrel, its ability to shoot in single and double action (just like a real revolver), and the fact that it has a fully adjustable rear sight.

  • ASG Scorpion EVO 3 BET Carbine

Speaking of an amazing arsenal, it looks like ASG is in the market of making fantastic replicas. This is because the Scorpion Carbine comes with the solid build of real guns, with almost the same weight, as well as the power of a proper carbine – but not with the same deadliness.

On top of that, the Scorpion is also highly customizable, as the handguard allows you to attach multiple accessories to the gun itself. This particular model has also been equipped with an MLOK guard to ensure a better grip, as well as the possibility to add even more accessories to the weapon.

  • Wingun Mosin-Nagant M44

Mosin-Nagant is quite famous in the world of gun connoisseurs – it is, after all, one of the most reputed series of bolt action rifles in the world.

Now, let’s take a look at what its airsoft counterpart is capable of. First of all, it’s worth mentioning that this M44 is considered a perfect replica of the real-steel one, while it also shares its classic and powerful design.

Naturally, with it being a bolt action rifle, it goes without saying that the airsoft M44 comes with both accuracy and power. On top of that, the model is equipped with a bayonet to make it look even more like the real deal!

Of course, you are not going to use the bayonet in an airsoft competition. However, the airsoft Mosin-Nagant M44 can be easily paired with a ghillie suit and a powerful handgun for a proper sniper setup.

  • G&G Combat Machine Raider-L Rifle

G&G is quite popular in the airsoft world for making some of the best replicas out there – especially when it comes to assault rifles. We say that because numerous airsoft players have praised the attention to detail of G&G and their weaponry.

This particular rifle is made with hard plastic and aluminum – not the best combination for a good replica, but the gun can reportedly take some hard punches before seeing any marks.

On top of that, these materials make it accessible to beginner airsoft players, especially if they want their first gun to look as real as possible. The Combat Machine Raider comes with a metallic glossy aspect, well-design stock, and with a proper barrel for a replica.

  • KWC Colt M1911A1

Even though some of you may have wanted more rifles on our list, we simply can’t get enough of handguns and of how hard airsoft manufacturers try to replicate the real deal.

For example, this particular Colt model is specially designed to behave, feel, and look like the original weapon – the one that has seen Vietnam and Korea during the Second World War.

This Colt airsoft replica is a single-action blowback featuring semi-auto fire capabilities. When it comes to how real it looks, the replica is equipped with a grip safety, as well as with a frame-mounted one (like the original) and with stiff springs, meant to replicate the snappiness of real gun cocking.

The Bottom Line

Obviously, there are many other good airsoft replicas out there. For example, you can bet there are highly realistic airsoft versions of the infamous AK-47 or of the M4A1, or even of the Tommy Gun that the gangsters of New York used.

However, the best replicas are those of guns that come with complex/intricate mechanisms that cannot be easily duplicated. While rifles and carbines are fairly easy to replicate, a bolt action rifle (like the Mosin-Nagant mentioned) or a 6-round classic revolver is quite hard to make.

Still, the guns mentioned above are considered by many as some of the best airsoft replicas that you can find out there – especially if you want to be the owner of a good-looking pistol/carbine!