Top 5 Extreme Destinations for an Intrepid Stand Up Paddleboard Adventure


From serene lakes to flowing rivers to breezy seashores, paddleboarding can be enjoyed just about anywhere. But in this increasingly popular sport, your playground isn’t limited to such placid settings. If you have an adventurous spirit and some Custom Pickleball Paddles, you’ll be glad to know that there are many epic SUP destinations that will provide the adrenaline rush you’re seeking.

From white-water thrills to eye-candy views that spark the imagination, there are some truly amazing locations around the world for paddleboarders to explore so all you need is to get the right equipment from sites like Onyx Motion Paddle Sports and go and enjoy the experience. Here are our top five picks.

Florida Keys

In a state that’s surrounded by water, it should come as no surprise that the Florida Keys offers hundreds of spots to paddleboard above the beautiful coral cay. The diverse marine life in the archipelago includes a healthy amount of stingrays. And if that doesn’t get your heart pumping, the competitive SUP community is sure to keep you on your toes.

With trade winds abound, you can cover long stretches of the coastline with relative ease. When the weather quietens down, you can take the opportunity to get some rest and glide along with your fellow paddleboarders.

Colorado River

Snaking through the iconic Grand Canyon is one of the top rivers for white-water rafting and a quintessential extreme paddleboarder destination. The Colorado River wanders through Arizona for almost 300 miles, with plenty of high-energy passes to challenge even the most experienced sportsmen and women.

For locations like these, it helps to have a sturdy and reliable board. You can check out PaddleBoard Surf for some buyer’s guides to identify your best option.


Moving out of the states and up north into the Canadian Province of Alberta, Banff is a picturesque paddleboarder’s fantasy. This unique destination is home to some of the most breathtaking lakes in the world, thanks in no small part to the otherworldly turquoise hue that characterizes their appearance.

For a truly spectacular experience, head to Lake Louise or make your way up to Peyto Lake. Either way, expect to be surrounded by plenty of inspiring mountain views – just be sure to watch out for the grizzly bears and bald eagles.

Cape Town

There’s a lot more to South Africa than table mountains and wildlife safaris. Head to the shores of Cape Town and it won’t be long before you bump into someone from the thriving local SUP community. Whether you’re being exhilarated by the cold waters of Blouberg or spending the evening on Sunset Beach, the Mother City is a must-visit destination.

Puerto Rico

The spoils of Puerto Rico begin long before you get there, as the unincorporated U.S. territory won’t require a passport to enter. Upon arrival, your paddleboarding opportunities begin as close as the city of San Juan, where the Condado Lagoon serves as the perfect spot to orient yourself before heading out to see what the Caribbean Islands have to offer.

From the waves of Myrtle Beach to the rapids of Chilko River, there are plenty more extreme paddleboarding destinations to discover. Where will your adventure start?