The Equipment You Need to Make the Perfect Survivalist Kit


As every survivalist knows, a survivalist kit is an essential part of any outdoor adventure and should be considered mandatory. Not knowing when something will go wrong obliges us to be prepared at all times. Everyone hopes that they won’t even need to use the kit and it is a good thing when they don’t, but it doesn’t mean it is unnecessary. Even when you don’t use it, knowing that you have it gives you peace of mind and helps you feel calm and safe.

Survivalist Kit Bushcraft

It’s no exaggeration to say that having the right gear will save your life. That’s why you need to think carefully about the things that you will be carrying with you. It’s important to remember that each kit varies from person to person, because different people have different needs. There are, however, certain pieces of equipment that everyone needs to carry with them regardless of the situation. In addition to that, surviving in the wild requires a certain set of skills – check out this useful source in order to brush up on your knowledge.

Some people make the mistake of carrying too much stuff with them, while others foolishly refuse to take even the most necessary items. Making these mistakes shouldn’t be a part of your outdoor adventure. In order to help you gear up properly, here is a list of the most useful pieces of equipment that your survivalist kit should contain.

Pocket Knife

A pocket knife is probably the most essential thing that you will need during your outings, no matter where you go or find yourself. This is a tool that helps you get food, start a fire, make a shelter, cut bandages in case you get wounded, and do a million more little things that you are probably taking for granted right now. Believe me; knives shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Think of it this way – how many times have you found yourself in need of a knife in the comfort of your own home? Your home is the place where you have everything almost laid out on a silver platter for you, including water, fire and food. The wilderness is a bit different. You need to work for all those things and you need to put effort into creating them.

Doing anything out in the wild is impossible without a knife in your hand. Make sure to pack a handy pocket knife whenever you are setting out for an adventure. It would be good to check if the knife is properly sharpened before you leave, but don’t worry if you forget to do that, since there are a lot of ways in which you can sharpen a knife when out in the wild.

Here are some of those ways:


The night is falling and it is becoming more and more difficult to see anything in front of you. Soon, it gets to the point of being pitch black and you cannot even see your own fingers. That’s a real pickle you have found yourself in, and it’s definitely your own fault. This is what happens when you forget to bring a flashlight with you.

I suppose I am correct in assuming that you don’t want this to happen to you. Having your eyesight taken away like that is not only dangerous, but also highly stressful. You wouldn’t want this to happen anywhere, let alone when you are out in the wild. Flashlights will allow you to feel safe and calm when the night is falling and you are in the outdoors. Read the Night buddy review here. Don’t forget batteries!


It’s nice to know how to start a fire without even a lighter or a single match in your pocket. For those of you who haven’t learned this skill yet, it’s also nice to have a backup plan. Even when you know how to start a fire, the weather will not always work in your favor, and sometimes you just won’t be able to do it without any help, even if you have done it a thousand times before.

In cases like those, it’s good to have a fire starter in your hands. It might sound like a modern piece of equipment, and many old-school outdoor enthusiasts might refuse to take it, but it really does come in handy, just like the rest of the survival equipment. When it comes to surviving, nobody should refuse to use a certain tool just because it is modern.

Water Filters

As you can see on the Survival Methods website and similar sites that give out survival tips and tricks, water filters are also significant tools. Nobody takes clean water seriously until they run out of it. I suggest you take it seriously from the start, because there is a chance you won’t come across clean water during your adventure, and you will need to purify whatever you do find. When boiling is not an option, water filters are your best friend.

Even when boiling is an option, nobody can deny that everything is so much easier with water filters. I know that outdoor adventures are not about having it easy, but, once again, when it comes to surviving, nobody should refuse a useful tool like this. Drinking dirty water is dangerous and you never know what you might ingest. That means that water filters can actually be a matter of life and death and I am pretty sure that everyone will choose life.

Survival Bracelets

Here’s another tool that sounds too modern, but is too good to be disregarded as part of your survivalist kit. In fact, they have become an indispensable piece of equipment for all outdoor adventurers. They are extremely handy for all kinds of emergency and survival situations, and if you haven’t heard about them, or are a little bit skeptical, I suggest you look them up and do some more detailed research. I assure you that you won’t be disappointed with what you learn about survival bracelets.

Keep the above items in mind the next time you have to build a survivalist kit. Make sure as well to bring along some hunting equipment, especially if you’re going for a south dakota pheasant hunting trip.