Now On Apple Podcasts – ‘The Insider’ Podcast


Today we are excited to announce the launch of ‘The Insider’ Podcast – yes another one… but we aim to take a deeper look at the action and outdoor sports industry.

The Insider’  looks to delve into the stories behind some of the most influential people in the action and outdoor sports industry. Rather than focusing on the athletes, the insider looks to go behind the scenes and chat to some of the most influential people that have helped to shape the industry we love. The people you may have never heard of and shine a light on their story.

Welcome to Ep.1 of ‘The Insider’ from WorkWith Studios featuring Cj Selig from adidas 5.10.

Cj is the Global Sports Marketing Manager for adidas outdoor and 5.10 bike, working with some of the most iconic athletes in the world including the likes of Danny Macaskill, Steve Peat and Tahnée Seagrave. We go behind the scenes to find out about how she got into the industry and unearth what has gone into her career. Touching on the adidas and Five Ten merger, UCI World Cups, how to choose the best athletes and more. The Insider Ep.1 starts off with an incredible talent from the industry and gives you the inside scoop on the action and outdoor sports world.

LISTEN NOW – The Insider is currently available on Anchor FM and Spotify and will be rolled out to Apple Podcasts this week.

We will be dropping new episodes on a regular basis so be sure to subscribe to get the very latest episodes.  Each episode we will be bringing a new guest to tell us their story and share their insights from around the world.

Maybe you are professional in the industry yourself? or looking to find out how you can be on the inside? Maybe you are just a fan and want love to find out about the inner workings of the sports you love. Whatever your angle we have a line of some truly awesome guests.

Stay tuned for episode 2 of The Insider podcast coming soon.

Photo credit: Saskia Dugon