The Top 10 Airsoft Games for Gun Enthusiasts


If you are just getting into airsoft, you might be surprised by just how many different game types are available to enjoy. To get you up to speed with what’s possible in this entertaining, fast-paced pastime, here are just 10 of the top airsoft games to try out if you are already into firearms in one way or another.

Capture the Flag

This is a classic game that most people will probably be familiar with from online FPS titles, even if they’ve never tried it in real life using airsoft equipment. Two teams, each with their own flag housed in a separate HQ, need to try and capture their opponents’ flag without losing theirs.

Fortress Assault

Like many of the best airsoft games, the name speaks for itself. Dividing the players into two teams, one half will fortify a specific structure or area as best they can, while the other will attempt to take out the defenders when play commences.

Save the Hostage

Once again you will need two teams for this, with one tasked with guarding a hostage while the other aims to rescue their target. The rescue can only be considered complete once the hostage is taken to a designated safe zone, and of course the hostage can be armed after they are free from their captors.

Prison Break

Essentially the opposite of Fortress Assault, in this game a team of airsoft pistol-toting prisoners must break out of an area guarded by airsoft rifle-armed guards and make it back to a predetermined safe zone. You can find out more about the equipment needed in this ultimate airsoft guide.


Divide players into a pair of teams, one of which has just 25% the number of people as the larger one. The latter will become the infantry, required to follow a set path through the play area, while the former will be ambushers, equipped with airsoft sniper rifles and able to move and flank in whatever way they please. If the infantry complete their journey, they win, while the ambushers can win by taking out all of their opponents.

Close Quarters Combat

Think of this as team deathmatch, but suited to airsoft games that are only taking place with a small number of people in a compact area of play. Limiting yourself to airsoft pistols rather than any of the larger or more powerful variants makes sense in this context, for obvious reasons.

Stalk the Sniper

This is a case of 9 players with pistols or rifles going up against a tenth who has a sniper airsoft gun. Snipers get a couple of minutes to set up in a hidden position, then the rest of the players can hunt them down, while trying to avoid being shot from long range.


Spice up your standard team deathmatch by having one medic per team for every 10 players or so. The medic has the ability to ‘heal’ and ‘revive’ teammates that have been shot, although of course they can be eliminated themselves in the usual way. This leads to longer, more tactical matches.


Following the same rules as the popular mode in CS:GO, one team has to plant a bomb in one of up to 3 different locations, or within the enemy headquarters if preferred, while the other needs to prevent this happening and defuse the device before the timer runs out if it does get planted.

Protect the President

Split the teams into bodyguards and assassins, with the bodyguards protecting the stand-in POTUS while the assassins attempt to eliminate them. Set a suitable safe zone to reach and use any means to get there!