Must-Have Motocross Gear For Beginner Riders


Only a few things in life compare to the joy of riding a dirt bike on a flat track. It is perhaps this joy that makes it a dream for many to simply own a motorcycle that they can ride on the weekends.

The feeling of pulling the throttle as your dirt bike races down the track is second to none, right?

The reality is that as fun as dirt bikes are, anyone riding them is exposed to extreme danger. That’s why, riding without the proper gear means keeping yourself exposed to all the dangers that are associated with a crash.

Here’s a list of all the must-have motocross gear for riders that value their safety and comfort:


Studies show that in the case of motor vehicle accidents, 45% of all impacts on helmets are caused around the face area.

This doesn’t just imply that helmets are important to protect your face, it also shows that three side open helmets are insufficient when it comes to providing protection. And if a reckless driver hits you, you can contact a motorcycle accident lawyer in massachusetts to get compensation for your injuries.

That’s why modern helmets are becoming increasingly popular. These offer the comfort of three side open helmets, while also offering much more fortified protection to your face and head. If you get into a motorcycle accident, you may seek legal help from the motorcycle accidents lawyers.


Jackets made for riders are very different from normal jackets. This is because riding jackets are designed to protect you from more than just chilly winds. Lined with body armor to protect your most vulnerable parts, these jackets are designed for a snug fit so that they don’t flap around when subjected to high-speed winds. Moreover, riding jackets usually have a double protective lining on the stitches to ensure they don’t come off during a crash.

Riding jackets are generally available in leather and high-quality textile. Both materials are designed to withstand abrasions and friction. With that said, if budget is a concern, you will find that textile jackets are more affordable than leather jackets.


Contrary to popular belief, our hands are actually one of the most fragile body parts. The more problematic thing is that we are so dependent on our hands that they are usually the first body part to come in contact with the ground when a crash happens.

To protect your hands in such situations, you will need riding gloves. These are a little different from other gloves that are designed to protect against the natural elements.

Riding gloves are made from strong, anti-abrasion materials that are designed to withstand the brunt of crashes.


Riding boots are often the last thing on the mind of a rider. However, they are an important aspect of ensuring a reliable and safe ride.

Riding boots are designed with anti-slip soles and plenty of ankle support to help you support the weight of your bike without putting too much strain on your feet. The anti-slip features are necessary to ensure optimum grip on a flat track.

These boots are also plated with protective material to prevent twisting and reduce the force of impact on your toes and heel in the case of a crash.


Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Riding, as fun as it may be, is a dangerous business. Having a motorcycle licence proves you know how to properly ride a motorcycle. To ensure safety is to ensure a reliable ride. We hope that this list will help you find and choose the right motocross apparel for your weekend bike rides.