NFL 2021 Betting 101


It’s never too late to join the global bandwagon in football betting. Contrary to popular belief, betting should not be completely relegated to luck or chance; you need to look at the team and wager history, team statistics, and odds computation to make it go into your favor. Before we dive right in, there are a few things that make this season and campaign different from previous plays.

Experts say that the pandemic has changed at least three things that should be carefully weighed in. First, the absence of preseason games. With due consideration to health protocols, no pre matches were held that could help these sports gamblers have a headstart on which teams are strong, weak, gauge individual team players, team dynamics, etc. While this could be a disadvantage, the silver lining is, experts ( say that this somehow levels the playing field for all bettors and bookmakers alike.

Second, COVID-19 tests are run 3 times a week. The health status of players can either make or break their campaign. Players are mandated to undergo tests to ensure that the campaign will not lead to an outbreak among players and between teams. Some experts say that this is no different from when a player hurt his leg or knee and had to sit out a game, but COVID is much more different. A positive case in a team, if not contained and handled accordingly may lead to the infection of the entire team. It is accurate to say that the healthy team will finish strong in this season. Any bettor should watch out for health bulletins that each team should release every week, positive cases can heavily impact on their performance and should definitely be considered when weighing odds.

Crowd noise, something that is inherently valuable to football is given a premium of up to 3 to 3.5 on the pointspread. But due to crowd restrictions, home field advantage, is no longer a big advantage. But some teams are opting to approximate crowd noise through canned cheers broadcasted at 70 decibels. There are also some that are exploring limited crowd presence and participation. Consequently, without crowd noise distracting and or cheering for their home teams, players will have to seek their motivation elsewhere and this is another variable that should be taken into consideration.

With all these considered, what are the other things that a budding tipster or sports bettor should take into further account to beat the odds?

1. Know the teams and Their Interactions

The first question on any bettor’s mind is, who has the bigger chances of winning? The answer should not be purely relegated to luck, betting analysts use data statistical tools combined with depth of literature on teams’ performances to provide the most evidence-based tip.

Experts agree that for starters, it is important to look both at the offensive and defensive stats of the team. Offensive stats refer to the strengths of the team and defensive stats indicate their weak points. The variation of a team’s strengths and weaknesses may vary of course depending on their interaction with another team. That is why it is essential to get a team’s mean offensive and defensive scores that should serve as their team baseline. Any deviation from the mean, can be calculated based on analyzing the projected interaction of the teams.

How can we project? Comparing and contrasting can help identify which teams are more or less in the same league. In this way, calculating their stats and eventual team game interactions can be projected. You can also look at free football picks and get an idea who to bet on.

2. Know Where Individuals Stand:

Inasmuch as football is a team game, the effectiveness of a team’s game play also relies on the performance of each player. It is essential therefore to analyze key groups and key players of each team.

Pay enough attention to running backs and receivers and check the backline. But give considerable attention to the quarterback. They are the lifeblood of any team and they deserve that much spotlight. The strength or weakness of a quarterback can make or break a team’s game play.

3. Keep Posted On a Team’s Bulletin, News, etc:

We can expect to see many changes during the season due to various considerations. Any bettor should keep tabs on a team’s performance and bulletins to keep updated on their news, players, replacements, etc.

You should also be on the lookout for rookies. They can be a bit unstable during the start of their careers but some can surely pave their way easily into stardom. Teams can either be too demanding of rookie contributions or be unsure of them, thus neglecting their talent. If you have an eye for potential, you can use this to your advantage.

While the pandemic has robbed off the players with their home field advantage and crowd cheers that can give them extra mileage, motivation is key is keeping the players pumped up throughout the season. A demotivated team will most likely be consumed by their insecurities compared to a team that is grounded. Make sure to find news and interviews that can be insightful of a team or a player’s condition, health and mental that is. This could be an advantage in a building competitive strategy in betting in the NFL and relying on free nfl picks.

These tips can be used as a take off point if you want to start your career in NFL betting. Don’t get too excited and let your adrenaline rush take the best of you. While they say, the more chances you bet, the more chances of winning. That is not entirely true. When it comes to NFL, it’s quality over quantity. It’s not always the popular team that wins. So be cautious not to be swept away by the current. Take time to analyze data, wager history, team history and other relevant information so you can build an effective strategy and be on your way to a flourishing career as a bettor or tipster.