3 Reasons Karambit Knives Make Great Back Country Tools


When it comes to shopping for knives, there are several things that one has to consider such as the weight, construction, maintenance, size of the blade as well as its sharpness. A knife should be easy to handle and comfortable to use whether you are cooking or using it for self-defense.

Because of this reason, different knives have been introduced in the market by different brands and some are more popular and reliable than others such as the Karambit knives. These particular knives have been in existence for an extended period and are considered to be much more versatile than just self defense. They are particularly useful for survival use or even as a back country tool for extreme sports athletes.

Why Should You Consider a Karambit?

Karambit knives are different from other regular knives that are found in the market. The first thing that you will notice about the Karambit knife, is the blade. While most knives have straight blades, the Karambit knives have curved blades.

This makes the blade more effective and does not require much effort to cause a lot of damage. Besides having a curved blade, Karambit knives are also designed with a safety ring, which provides a better grip. Here are three other reasons as why you should include this type of knife in your backcountry tools.

1. Reliable For Utility Uses

There are many advantages of owning a Karambit knife and besides being used as an outdoor tool, it can also be used to accomplish various utility uses. That is because the knife features a sharp and strong blade that cuts through both soft and hard materials. In the early days, the knife was also used as a farming tool. You can use this knife to cut fruits and even vegetables. Besides, being able to cut through hard material, the knife could also provide precise cuts.

Other tasks served by Karambit knives are trapping, hooking, slicing, and ripping because of the curved knife. Therefore, you can use a Karambit knife to prepare any kind of outdoor meal even fish which requires a strong and sharp blade.

2. Self-Defense

Another reason why you should invest in Karambit knives is that they are considered to be the best for self-defense. Despite the fact that the knife has a strong blade, it is small in terms of size and can fit in your pocket. Apart from being small and having a strong blade, Karambit knives also have a safety ring that provides a better grip.

Moreover, you need to understand that there are two types of Karambit knives that are specifically designed for self-defense. These are the folding Karambit and the fix-blade Karambit. Many people who are often victimize usually prefer the folding Karambit since you can reduce its size by folding it. It also becomes easy and comfortable to carry once folded.

3. Survival Tool

A Karambit knife can be used as a survival tool. That is because you can use it to hunt, cook, and protect yourself. You also do not need any kind of special storage for this type of knife. You can store it in your backpack or your pocket when heading out for camping or hunting. Karambit knives feature a stainless steel blade that is easy to clean and very durable.

These are some of the reasons as to why Karambit knives are considered to be perfect for outdoor adventure. Whether you want to go out camping or hunting, always make sure that you carry a Karambit knife.

Moreover, they also require less maintenance and can serve you for decades. Lastly, Karambit knives are affordable and easy to find. You can shop for this unique tool at the local store or from online stores.