4 Tips to Help You Improve Your Paintball Skills This Year


Paintball can be a great activity and a way to let of some steam with some of your friends. But it’s also serious business. Once you’re hit, you’re hit, and you have to watch the rest of the game from the sidelines. Some people may not want to be a burden on their team and be a bit embarrassed by their current level of play. The good news is that anyone can improve their skills by doing a few simple things. Here’s how you can improve your paintball skills this year.

Get in Shape

While it may look like it’s all fun, paintball is one of the most energy extensive activities you can partake in. You will be doing a lot of running and will often have to get up from awkward positions, so it is sensible to embark on a serious cardio and strength regimen if you want to improve your overall fitness.

For strength, look for exercises that will improve your posterior chain. This is what will allow you to crouch and stand up without getting tired. Squats and deadlifts are all great options there. As far as cardio goes, we suggest you do a lot of interval training. The action in paintball is very stop-and-go, and this type of cardio will allow you to improve in a way that will benefit you on the field.

Invest in Good Pods

Most people take a lot more time focusing on buying a good gun but overlook pods. Choose paintball pods that are lightweight and make sure that you look at your favorite style of play. If you’re a speedball player, go for a pod with a fast release and a high capacity. The harness will also be important. If you like woodsball, for instance, you might want something with a low profile that will feel comfortable so you can play for several hours.

Learn how to Communicate Better

Communication is essential when playing paintball. This is the only way that you can coordinate attacks. You can plan all you want, but if you can’t execute using clear verbal commands, you will be disorganized.

You also have to accept hierarchy when you’re playing as part of a team. The most experienced player or the one with the best strategic skills should be in command. If you have ideas, you can always run them past this person, but don’t disrupt the team and stick with the plan.

Play Some Simulator Games

If you can’t get to the field often enough, nothing is stopping you from practicing your game at home. Get yourself a console that has plenty of paintball games. The Wii, WiiU, and the Xbox One series of consoles is a great choice. The Xbox One has tons of games that you can try, so give them a try.

These are all things that you could do starting today if you want to improve your paintball skills. As long as you have the discipline and are ready to put the work in, you should start seeing improvements in no time.