G-Form PRO-X3 Mountain Bike Knee Guards Review


The latest edition to the G-Form Pro-X Mountain Bike Knee Guards line is out. Pro-X knee guards have been known for their thin, sleek, and highly comfortable designs since they were first introduced to the market seven years ago with the support of Leg Pillows. It’s not surprising then that G-Form has already earned quite a following among bikers as they continue to improve their Pro-X line.

G-Form MTB knee pads are the latest update on this much sought-after line of biking and riding gear. G-Form PRO-X3 Mountain Bike Knee Guards were developed using breakthrough Reactive Protection Technology (RPT). With a weight of just roughly 170 grams, these pads come in XS-XXL sizes. They’re being released in charcoal, yellow, and black-yellow colorways.

These knee guards have a particularly unique look about them. The cloth that wraps around the legs is so thin and light that it could pass for the same fabric used for leggings or tight pants. It can easily accommodate the shape of your knees and legs. The shape of the pads is what makes wearing them incredibly comfortable, and it also contributes to the superb ergonomics of the pads.

Latest Changes

The makers of G-Form PRO-X3 Mountain Bike Knee Guards have integrated some exciting new features into the earlier Pro-X2. There are now additional vents within the pads to help the wind and air circulate through the pads and minimize the heat when riding during warm seasons or hot days. They’ve also added a layer of foam right between the pads as well as the inner sleeve. This gives the knee adequate support should it hit or land on a hard surface. 

What’s more, they’ve made some significant changes to the grippers. There’s now a silicone strip installed on the inside of the top part of the guard in place of the strip that used to be at the bottom. You’ll also find a rubberized pattern there instead.

Beyond Comparison

Riders who’ve tried them say that, by far, G-Form PRO-X3 MTB knee pads are beyond comparison. They say they’re the most comfortable knee pads ever designed for bikers to wear. You’ll love them whether you’ve been riding outdoors for years or doing it for the first time. 

They’re so light you won’t notice them around your knees after a while; you might just feel that they’re more akin to knee warmers rather than knee pads. They’re so unobtrusive that you won’t think of taking them off anytime during your ride, even if you’re covering long distances. Unless it’s an unusually hot day and you’ve been riding for hours, you won’t get the urge to take them off.

With their very low weight and articulate design, you’ll forget you’re wearing them unless you glance at your knees every now and then. They’re truly comfortable to pedal in, and you can use them even in extreme mountain biking. Even when you’re riding uphill, you won’t feel any restriction or constraint around your knees. Your movements are unimpeded and literally unaffected.

Breakthrough Technology

Despite their ultralight weight and feel, these knee pads can sustain sudden impact during falls and crashes. You wouldn’t think they’d be able to protect your knees if you fall because of how light they are, but they can and they do. The secret ingredient that makes all this possible is a revolutionary foam-like material called Reactive Protection Technology.

The developers of RPT claim that this foam is made of molecules that repel each other when in a static state. But the most advanced feature of this technology is that the molecules in it bind together upon impact. They then absorb and redistribute energy. Think of them as the Roman legion getting into formation to protect your knees as they brace for impact. Isn’t that awesome?

Bikers Believe In G-Form PRO-X3

Mountain bikers who’ve been riding for years attest that G-Form PRO-X3 MTB knee pads work as advertised. They’re barely noticeable yet very comfortable. In addition, they’re not bothersome to your knees but have enough cushion to protect them during crashes. Some riders who’ve worn them say they crashed on sandstone but were able to come out with their knees unscathed.

This newer G-Form PRO-X3 version is a nice improvement over the earlier editions. It’s a bit thicker, and it covers more surface around the knees and legs than the older versions. With lighter fabric on the back, it doesn’t fold or move as much as the previous designs.

Riders will love the increased range and level of protection these knee pads provide. Riders who end up getting wiped out on muddy trails may bruise their legs should they crash, but the parts covered by the pads will definitely be left unscathed.

However, riders shouldn’t ever think that these pads can replace heavier downhill (DH) or bike park-oriented padding. If you’re going to fly over ramps and table tops all day, you should still wear something that can also protect the sides of your knees and legs.