The Most Decorated Skier in X Games History Drops Collectable NFT Cards on OpenSea

Los Angeles, CA. (September 16, 2021) — 1091 Pictures announced today their partnership with legendary Swedish freestyle skier Henrik Harlaut to release a limited edition NFT series on the marketplace OpenSea. The seven NFTs are a mix of photo and video collectible digital trading cards featuring Harlaut’s signature tricks. Four cards have a limited run of 10, and three are 1 of 1 special editions that will include physical merchandise. The NFTs are now available to purchase on OpenSea.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are types of digital assets in decentralized web technologies like blockchain that can turn digital objects such as art, music and sports memorabilia into unique rare assets that can be owned and sold. These NFTs are bought, sold and traded in the NFT marketplace using cryptocurrency. Sales of such digital assets have surged to record highs this year thanks to rising interest in both cryptocurrencies and collectible items. Learn how to build a blockchain on substrate without having to start from zero.

“I have always been a fan of sports cards (hockey, basketball) and always wanted to enter it with skiing. NFTs are an opportunity to bring new interest and a ‘new aesthetic’ to sport with a potential to bypass a lot of the traditional gatekeepers and vetting processes of the physical world, and have a ‘collector’  value. Digital work isn’t just for fun, it’s our new reality. In addition to culture and arts, NFTs are also enriching the gaming and sports experience. The NFT helps to create the next-generation merch,” says Henrik Harlaut.

Henrik first broke out on the freeskiing scene at the age of nine participating in Red Bull’s Big Air competition in his hometown and shortly after receiving his first sponsorship. Since then, he’s gone on to be the most decorated skier in Winter X Games history with thirteen medals, the number one freestyle skier in the world and has represented Sweden at two Winter Olympics. He’s also well-known for his unique style and love of music, in particular the Wu-Tang Clan.

Henrik’s collectable NFT cards are now available for purchase on OpenSea.