7 Land-Based Extreme Sports Activities For Kids


When you hear the term ‘extreme sports,’ the last thing you might imagine is a child doing it. Though you’d be surprised to find out there are several extreme sports kids can do safely. 

While scuba diving and paragliding sound extreme enough, some kids may prefer to stay on solid ground. If your child wants something exciting to do outside, Gojam is a must have application if you are looking for new days out with the kids


Skateboarding is making a comeback thanks to its inclusion in the 2020 Summer Olympics. With the major international multi-sporting event acknowledging the sport as competitive, many kids seek to learn it. Children as young as six can grab a board and skate in their local park, as long as you’re watching over them. 

You can look for reputable skateboard lessons near you if you want your child to learn the basics without hurting themselves. Search for classes taught in person by certified instructors so they can cater to your child’s learning speed and abilities. 

If your child wants more excitement outside your yard, your city or town may have a dedicated park for skateboarders of all ages. You can discover extreme skateparks in your local area where your child can put their newfound athletic skills to the test while also making new friends.


Many kids have an adventurous streak and love climbing trees and jumping over fences. Children like these have great potential to become traceurs or practitioners of parkour. This sport doesn’t require special equipment, just excellent body control, spatial awareness, and a thrill-seeking attitude.

Parkour is the practice of going through urban obstacles in the most fluid and creative ways possible. Sometimes, there are flips, jumps, and rolls involved, but your child can do this sport safely with training from an instructor.  

Most people do parkour in open areas with many buildings, trees, and poles. But for your child, you may let them train in a parkour gym or do your own obstacle course at home. Parkour teaches children various life skills, such as confidence and focus, while keeping them fit and strong.

Rock Climbing

Another extreme sport enjoyed by adults and kids is rock climbing. It’s an activity that improves flexibility and endurance while also teaching problem-solving skills. It’s also pretty fun for children who love to climb.

Kids as young as four can try rock climbing. Many places offer indoor climbing that’s safe for children. Here, they can enhance their hand-eye coordination and get full-body exercise since they’ll use the muscles in their hands, arms, legs, and core. 

All your child needs are:

  • A secured harness
  • An adult’s watchful eye
  • Courage to scale that wall

Rock climbing is one sport that can build character and belief in oneself. If your child can conquer a rock wall, they’ll have the confidence to conquer anything. 

Skiing And Snowboarding

Children who love playing in the snow will love snow sports like skiing and snowboarding. Your child doesn’t need to wait for winter to learn these sports. You can find indoor skiing or snowboarding venues that offer lessons any time of the year. 

These two activities need practitioners to wear the appropriate gear. Fortunately, some venues provide rental equipment for novices of all ages. So, let your child get used to wearing a helmet and using skis or board before buying them their own set.


Biking is a recreational activity that most kids have done casually worldwide. But not everyone has ridden bikes to the extreme. BMX or bicycle motocross sounds intimidating, but it can be perfectly safe for children with the proper training.

Your child will require a new BMX bike. While it’s possible to convert a regular bike into a BMX, it’s preferable to find one that’s already built for the sport. You’ll also need to invest in a helmet, knee and shoulder pads. You want your child to enjoy themselves while staying protected during play.


Kids can also turn to BMX’s cousin, motocross. Unlike BMX, motocross makes use of fuel or electric-powered dirt bikes. It might be daunting to see your child ride one, but many children do this sport and still come out in one piece.

Your kid needs a dirt bike small enough for them to handle. There are different types of dirt bikes depending on your child’s desire to compete or not. The two-stroke engine is lighter, but there’s also a four-stroke option for more experienced kids.

Children may choose to race against other young bikers or trail ride on countryside roads, dunes, or in the woods without competition. What’s important is to have the rider secured in protective equipment, which includes a full helmet, gloves, boots, goggles, and a motocross top and pants. Your child can learn discipline, balance, and respect for machines and people while staying safe on a dirt track.

Mountain Biking

Some children love biking but don’t like racing against others. If your kid is like this, then they could try mountain biking. This sport is an excellent way to get a child to spend time outdoors and learn more about nature.

Aside from the usual protective gear and appropriate clothing, they’ll need a proper mountain bike with sturdy tires to withstand the natural terrain. If you’re going biking with them, bring enough water and a first-aid kit in case of accidents. 

Mountain biking could even be an activity for your family to enjoy together. You can make it more fun, too, by having a picnic after you’ve crossed the entire bike path

In Conclusion

Any good parent would worry if their children took up an extreme sport. There are risks to it like cuts, bruises, and severe injuries. They will, however, learn personal safety and discipline through lessons and practice. Also, they will be less likely to exhibit antisocial behavior because of interaction with coaches and teammates.

Instead of letting your kids laze at home on their gadgets, encourage them to take up an extreme sport. You’ll never know if they’ll develop a passion and maybe become an Olympian someday.