What You Need to Know About Knives for Your Next Extreme Camping Trip


If you are planning to go extreme camping in the near future, you need to make sure that you are prepared for every single eventuality, and a knife can help you to feel as if you are. However, you should not rush out and invest in any old knife, and this guide can help you to find the best option for you and your next adventure.

What Type of Knife Do You Need?

When you are planning on going extreme camping, you need to realize that your trip may not always go according to plan and, if it goes wrong, you may need to survive in the wild for a few days while you await rescue. Therefore, you should consider opting for a survival knife that can help you to cut through many different materials, as well as hunt and protect yourself in self-defense. If this is the case, you may decide to wrap your knife around a paracord handle to ensure that it is always in easy reach and that you do not easily misplace it. If you are looking for a great survival knife that can keep you going when an emergency occurs or when things go wrong, you should consider looking for a finger hole knife, as this type of knife can be easily wielded and guided by you.

Can You Carry a Knife?

However, before you even consider whether or not you need to pack a knife into your camping bag, you need to check whether the type of knife that you want to invest in is legal in the place that you will be camping. If you are in the United States and intend to camp there, all switchblades are illegal and there are different rules on knives depending on the state that you are in. Not only this, but if you are flying to your destination, you should check how knives should be packed on planes to ensure that you will be able to take them with you on your flight; most knives are allowed in your checked luggage but not in carry-on cases. You should also check the individual laws for the state that you are visiting, as laws differ in each state when it comes to knives.

How Can You Use Your Knife?

Survival knives can be used in many different ways, and it is important that you are equipped with the knowledge to use your knife well before you take it with you on your trip, otherwise you may find that your knife is not as useful as you may have first thought. So, whether you want to chop wood or start a fire, you should always check out guides and tutorials online before you attempt to use your knife for any purpose yourself, or you may find yourself with a nasty injury that you will then have to care for and heal in less than ideal conditions.