Can You Bet on Extreme Sports?


The field of extreme sports has expanded as more and more are engaging in these adrenaline rushing sports. This has also made room for tournaments and games where the very best athletes can compete in different extreme disciplines. But is it possible to bet on extreme sports?

Like many other fields, sport has grown and expanded immensely in the past few years. New sport genres are emerging and people are engaging in all sorts of different types of sports. And, there are actually some extreme sports, you can bet on even though they are not as popular as betting on the nfl and engaging in the vegas nfl odds

Even though this American football tournament is the most popular sports event to bet on and the nfl odds are frequently visited, there are tons of other sports to engage in when betting. Extreme sports are different types of sports well-fitted for the adrenaline junkie as most of them are on the edge of the life threatening. The X Games and the Olympics both offer a lot of different possibilities for betting on different extreme sports.

The X Games

The X Games was established in 1995 by ESPN, an American media sports group. The X Games feature a variation of extreme sports and there are two versions both winter and summer. In the summer edition, you will be able to see BMX, skateboarding, surfing, rally and motocross freestyle. And for the Winter X Games you can experience snowboarding, snowcross and skiing among others.

The venues change according to the discipline and there are several different disciplines in one genre. When betting on the X Games, there are several ways to do so. You can simply bet on who will get the highest score in the specific discipline and you can bet on what kind of tricks they might pull off and a lot of things in between.

To do this it is naturally necessary to know the sport and the different athletes, but betting is always a good way to learn much more about a specific sport. Betting on most disciplines in the X Games is a bit different from betting on football or other more common sports. And therefore you should know what options you have before placing bets. Most people who engage in betting on the X Games will have an understanding of the sports, which can be important. But whether you want to engage in the winter edition or the summer edition, there are great possibilities for betting. 

The Olympics

You might not consider The Olympics as a host of extreme sports but this has changed in recent years – we even saw skateboarding appear at the last Summer Olympic Games.  While not as popular as the X Games among extreme sports athletes, some people train their whole lives just to qualify and participate in the hope of an Olympic medal. And you can of course bet on them be it in Paris in 2024 or Milan in 2026.

Betting on the Olympics can in itself be kind of extreme as there are so many sports to choose from. Everything from BMX to skateboarding to climbing is available. Not even that, you can also bet on how many medals each country will win during the two weeks the Olympics usually last. This provides some exciting competition all the way to the finish line.  

So, in answer to the question.  Yes, you can bet on extreme sports.