What You Need To Know About Extreme Sports Life Insurance Coverage


The importance of having life insurance cannot be overemphasized for individuals of all ages. Regardless of where you live or what you do, a life insurance policy safeguards people close to you should the unexpected happen. 

But does life insurance matter in extreme sports? Here we explore things you need to know about extreme sports life insurance coverage. 


Extreme sports have become popular these days as people venture outdoors for holidays and the need to seek thrilling activities during summers. 

It’s important to keep in mind that these activities are not the usual sports, including rugby, trekking or snorkeling. Extreme sports involve rigorous activities such as bungee jumping, skydiving, big wave surfing, motocross, mixed martial arts, mountaineering or strengthening exercises.

Because of this, there are a lot of risks involved, and therefore it makes perfect sense to take an extreme sports life insurance cover.


In determining your premium, your insurance carrier will consider the level of risk depending on the type of extreme sports you’re engaged in. 

Some types of extreme sports hold higher risk than others so the premiums will be on the upper side. 

The premiums will also be higher depending on your experience and where the extreme sports will take place.

When applying for life insurance coverage, mention the sports you want to engage in. Failure to provide complete information may lead to inadequate coverage.

Your insurance provider will evaluate the risk depending on the specifics of the extreme sport stated in the application. Sometimes they may reject the application if the circumstances don’t fall within their coverage. 

If the risk is too low, they may provide a standard rate for life insurance. This means your premiums can be high or low depending on the type of extreme sports and risks involved.

How To Lower Your Extreme Sports Life Insurance Premium Rates

You can enjoy lower premium rates if you’re participating in a group activity such as bungee jump, where there are laid down safety procedures. 

Also, the rates may be lower if you belong to an organized community of the extreme sport you’re engaged in. 

If the sporting activity takes a shorter duration, your insurer may prorate it to match the period. 

How to Get Life Insurance Coverage For Extreme Sports

Several options are available when choosing an insurance provider that will meet your needs;

Shop Around

Different carriers have their guidelines when it comes to covering extreme sports. Some are lenient, while others have stricter rules. You can get varying quotes from various providers and choose one with favorable terms. It will also help you pick a carrier with lower premiums.

As some medical insurance policies may cover injuries incurred during extreme sports and other activities. You can compare online medical companies and review the policy details for their covers.

Consider a Specialized Coverage

Small insurance companies may have wider coverage for extreme sports, and their policies may not specify what is covered or not. On the other hand, large carriers usually have covers which are exclusive to different types of extreme sports. However, there may be limitations. 

For instance, you can get skydiving coverage at lower premiums. Also, if you’re traveling on holiday, you can get a travel insurance cover which encompasses skydiving.

Check on Employers Insurance Cover

Some employers usually have group insurance covers for their employees which may include extreme sports coverage. This is mostly meant to provide employees coverage during team-building activities or vacations. Check if your employer has a policy that will enable you to save money.

Work-related accidents can hurt you physically and financially, the work compensation attorney help is an advantage for you to get the benefits that you deserve. If you aren’t offered insurance, consult with a civil rights lawyer Birmingham AL for things you can do.

The only disadvantage of an employee cover is that it ends the moment you leave the organization. 


There’s no legal definition for the term extreme sports regarding getting insurance coverage. It all depends on the level of risk when engaging in that type of activity. Your insurer may consider certain extreme sports and exclude others. Before you choose life insurance, compare different options to get the best plan that will meet your needs.