Extreme Environments on Earth – Unique Places to Add to Your Bucket List


The world is filled with extreme environments. Most of the human population lives close to the oceans and away from the icy polar regions. If you get off the beaten track, you can experience a planet Earth you never have before. These journeys should definitely be on your bucket list if you want to see everything this world has to offer. Whether it is intense weather conditions, grand natural features, or isolated destinations, read on to find out more about what these places offer to extreme tourists.

The Outback of Australia

Australia is one of the largest single landmasses in the world, and its interior is mostly uninhabited because it is so inhospitable. The outback of Australia is well known for its vast deserts, but you can also find the legendary Aussie bush and even tropical rainforests as you get closer to the North East coast. This is definitely one for the bucket list, with a little bit of something for everyone.

The Antarctic Tundra

Antarctica is the least populated place in the world, not just for humans but also animals. Though there is a diverse range of life on the edges of the frozen continent of the South, their low numbers make the tundra of Antarctica a desolate place. It is also awe-inspiring. Trips here are an adventure too, with long boat cruises in occasionally rough and icy seas being an especially extreme choice. Unique and memorable, this is one for any bucket list.

The Challenger Deep Of The Pacific Ocean

The most extreme environment on Earth is surely at its deepest point. This is a challenging place to visit, which explains its name. Getting here requires some investment and some risks. Perhaps it is best to stick to online videos of people who have already made the descent. If you fancy taking a smaller risk, and only with some money, why not try an online casino PL? This is a safer bet than a submarine. If you can afford it and you fancy taking the chance, put the Challenger Deep on your bucket list.

Mount Everest In The Himalayas

From the planet’s deepest point to its highest, Mount Everest has been on people’s bucket lists since long before it was first conquered. The climb is arduous, and not for the faint-hearted. The view from ‘the top of the world’ makes it all worthwhile. The risks are perhaps higher and more plentiful than a descent to the Challenger Deep, however. You may find playing at Lemon Casino a better option if you would rather risk a few dollars than your life and limbs on a tricky mountain climb.

The Sahara Desert

This is one of the world’s driest environments, and one of its most unique. Life still finds a way to live here, and not just animals and insects but humans too. The Sahara is famous for many things and is a star player in countless movies and books, but its sunsets and sand dunes are the big draws. Seeing a Saharan sunset is on many globetrotters’ bucket lists, and if you ever have the opportunity to see one for yourself you will understand why.

Hornstrandir Nature Reserve

Hornstrandir is one of Europe’s last wildernesses.  A  breathtakingly beautiful, hard-to-reach nature reserve of soaring mountains and precipitous cliffs, it has a very short season and challenging terrain. Tucked into Iceland’s northwest corner, the 589-sq-km Hornstrandir Nature Reserve has an end-of-the-world feel. Waterfalls thunder down mountains, cliffs plummet to the sea, and the mighty Drangajökull glacier overlooks the scene. Hornstrandir’s mountainous interior is edged by a string of campgrounds, and hostels, often at ferry drop-off points. Hiking trails snake between accommodation and ferry sites, opening up memorable multi-day hikes. The reserve is all but uninhabited.

Taking in these six sights will give you a little bit of everything this amazing planet has to offer. Your bucket list should have at least three of these on it. Do not be afraid of the Challenger Deep or the peak of Mount Everest though, if you have to absolutely experience everything on Planet Earth.