Guide to Extreme Tourism: Definition, Planning Tips, and Destinations


Extreme tourism is becoming much more popular with travelers young and old, but what is it and how do you get involved? Read on to find out more about this fun way to travel and see the world in our guide.

What Is Extreme Tourism?

Do you crave adventure? Do you grow restless when you are resting on a beach? Extreme tourism may be what you are looking for. With this type of vacation, you are visiting somewhere on a quest for adventure, to try new things, and to see and experience places that few tourists ever go to. The extreme element may be defined by the destination itself or the activities you are going to do when you get there.

You could argue that a skiing vacation is a type of extreme tourism, but this would be at the milder end of the spectrum. For extreme holiday activities, think of whitewater rafting, crossing a desert on a long hike, or diving with Great White Sharks. The destination can make a vacation extreme. Some people may visit a country in a state of conflict, or far off the beaten track of civilization where they will have to make a number of compromises on comfort.

How Do You Plan An Extreme Vacation?

Extreme tourism requires a bit of extra preparation compared to a standard or typical trip away. Depending upon your chosen destination, you may need to consult your family doctor before traveling. Many destinations that are far away from typical vacation spots require medications, such as anti-malaria drugs, before you make the trip.

You may need to practice an extreme activity closer to home and get some experience with any related equipment or safety rules before making your journey. If you need to learn some new skills for your adventure or gain experience in activities, it is best to do it in your home country and not wait until you get to your destination.

You can experience some thrills from home and maybe boost your travel budget before you go. Try your luck playing online at an online casino to experience some fun and excitement and perhaps win a little extra cash to help fund your travels. This is a great way to get in the mood for your adventure.

The best piece of extreme vacation you can make is to contact a specialist travel agent. Their experience and list of contacts can help you find the perfect vacation for your adventurous spirit and save money too. They can also help you to research different potential destinations to find the right one for you that ticks all your extreme vacation boxes.

Where Do You Go For Extreme Adventures?

The world is filled with extreme vacation destinations and activities if you know where to look. You will struggle to find them at the average travel agent or online on the usual travel sites. These places are filled with prepackaged vacations for people looking for two weeks on the beach. You have other plans.

You may need to cross the globe to find your ideal extreme vacation destination, or it may be closer than you think. For a whirlwind adventure from home, you can visit an online casino for some fun thrills and online games. If you are looking for a truly extreme and visceral experience, consider one of these two options.

Storm chasing in Oklahoma or Colorado in the United States is not far away and easy to arrange. Both of these places experience ‘twisters’ throughout the year that are among the planet’s most extreme weather events. There are organized tours you can join, or you can go out on your own if you are feeling really confident.

The furthest away you can travel is an extreme adventure on its own. Cruises to Antarctica are seasonal but well worth waiting for. The Southern Seas can get rough and icy, which gives them an extreme element. When you arrive at your destination, you will be one of a small fraction of the world’s human population to visit Antarctica. You can engage in some extreme activities here too, like diving in the coastal waters to see the unique underwater wildlife that inhabits this area.

If you are looking for a little bit more from your vacation time, consider going on an extreme vacation. Do not push yourself too far at first and build things up slowly, year after year. In just a few short years, you could be climbing Mount Everest or diving with sharks in Australia.