Tony Hawk 31″ Signature Series Skateboard Review


The Tony Hawk 31″ Signature Series Skateboard is the latest addition to Tony Hawk’s line of signature skateboards. As one of the most influential skateboarders of all time, Tony Hawk’s name carries a lot of weight in the skating community. This new board aims to deliver the quality and performance Hawk is known for in an accessible and affordable package.


  • 31″ x 8″ deck
  • 7-ply hard rock maple deck
  • Plastic trucks
  • 52mm polyurethane wheels
  • Age range: youth

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Pros and Cons of the Tony Hawk 31″ Signature Series Skateboard

The Tony Hawk Signature Series board offers a lot of great features for an affordable price point. The 31” deck width provides a stable platform for performing tricks while still being nimble enough for technical street skating. The concave of the deck locks your feet in comfortably. The plastic trucks are lightweight and durable, and the ABEC bearings provide a smooth roll. The polyurethane wheels have just the right balance of hardness and softness to grip the pavement while still sliding smoothly.

Some skaters may prefer a wider or narrower deck, depending on their stance and skating style. The graphic on the bottom of the deck is reported to scratch and peel relatively quickly. And while great for beginners, more advanced skaters may want higher performance trucks, bearings, and wheels.

Final Thoughts

With its iconic Tony Hawk branding and quality components, the Tony Hawk Signature Series Skateboard delivers a great skating experience for an affordable $24.99, making it a good choice for kids. The 31” deck, plastic trucks, and smooth rolling wheels make this an ideal board for new skaters as well as those looking for a reliable board for street and park use. For Tony Hawk fans and casual skaters, this board definitely deserves a look.

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