How to Film Your Snowboarding Like a Pro


Snowboarding is a thrilling winter sport that’s even more fun to capture on video. Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker or just want some cool clips to share with friends, filming your snowboarding adventures requires planning and the right gear. With the right strategy, you’ll be able to record pro-quality footage that does your stunts justice. Here are some tips to follow.

Find the Perfect Camera

When choosing a camera, think lightweight, weatherproof and high-quality footage. GoPros or action cameras are ideal with their durability, portability and ability to shoot stabilized video even during fast movements or wipeouts. Mirrorless cameras like the Sony Alpha series also work well. Don’t forget to buy spare batteries and memory cards.

Choose Your Mounts

Where you position the camera makes all the difference. Head mounts provide the rider’s perspective while body mounts give a third-person view. For selfie shots, extendable poles let you film yourself and your surroundings. Suction cup mounts allow unique angles by adhering cameras to your snowboard or helmet.

Get the Right Angles

Varying camera angles keeps the video interesting. Capture wide shots of the slope and terrain to set the scene. For the main action, get close-up tracking shots that follow alongside as you ride. Low angles pointing up emphasize height and movement. Position a camera at the bottom to build anticipation as you approach the jump ramps. Mix it up!

Plan Your Runs

Rather than just hit record and then aimlessly ride around, plan a few featured runs beforehand. Spot areas for specific tricks like spins, grabs and butters to highlight. Repeat those signature moves past the camera multiple times to get clean footage that is worth keeping. Remember lighting factors as you position cameras before your runs.

Mind the Conditions

Snow and weather can wreak havoc on cameras, so account for elements that may damage gear or reduce video quality. On sunny days, position cameras in shaded areas facing away from direct light. In stormy weather, wipe down lens covers frequently to prevent snow buildup obstruction shots. Equip your cameras with protective housings and anti-fog inserts when needed.

Edit and Enhance

Once you have captured your footage, you’ll likely want to edit it, and there are many tools to help you do this. Adobe is just one example of a great video editor that lets you crop, snip and animate your videos for free. Import your footage then trim out the best moments into a short compilation. Enhance the colors, adjust the speed and add slow-motion effects to key tricks. Drop in some background music to complement the visuals. Insert fun graphics and titles to spice it up. Then export your final edit to share.

With preparation and the right filming strategy, capturing epic snowboarding footage is easy and enjoyable. Before you know it, your cinematic edits will be the talk of all your social feeds and have your friends begging to join on your next winter adventure. And with practice, you’ll be able to make exciting films worthy of the X Games.