The Top Locations for Cliff Diving in Ireland


Cliff diving in Ireland has grown increasingly popular over recent years as more tourists discover the thrill of leaping from extreme heights into the rugged Irish seas. Often combined with coasteering, many visit Ireland for cliff diving, sea swimming, caving, and rock climbing along the island’s dramatic coastal landscapes. From the towering sea cliffs of Moher to the epic Giant’s Causeway, here are some of the top spots for cliff diving in Ireland.

cliff diving in ireland

County Antrim

Just east of the renowned Benone Strand, County Antrim’s northern coastline features superb cliffs for cliff diving in Ireland near Portrush and Ballintoy. The region’s crown jewel, Giant’s Causeway, draws tourists from around the world to marvel at its unique volcanic stepping stones leading into the sea. Adrenaline junkies can also experience this rugged shoreline up close and personal with coasteering tours. Brave hearts will be rewarded with spectacular cliff diving spots made famous in Game of Thrones, such as the Iron Islands.

County Donegal

Venturing further north, County Donegal beckons thrill-seekers to its beautifully savage landscape, preserving some of Ireland’s most remote and untouched terrain. Secluded sea stacks beg to be leaped from, delivering a pure shot of adrenaline not for the faint of heart. Guides shepherd coasteers to prime cliff diving locations that rival any others found throughout Britain and Ireland. Spring conditions prove best for enjoying Donegal’s breathtaking scenery before taking the ultimate plunge.

County Sligo

Big wave surfing draws crowds to Mullaghmore Head in County Sligo, but its exceptional cliffs also offer premier cliff diving in Ireland. Local outfits tailor trips ranging from high-octane aerial thrills at Mullaghmore for seasoned jumpers to more relaxed sea cave swims around Bundoran. With abundant sites to choose from, new coasteering adventures await here no matter how many times you return.

County Galway

The emerald landscapes of Connemara in County Galway contain several top spots for cliff diving in Ireland. Sheer rock faces and tight sea caves amp up the adventure quotient for coasteering tours. Not only is the cliff jumping adrenaline-fueled, but the surrounding scenery is simply magical as well. Nearby Connemara National Park caps off an unforgettable day along Galway’s spellbinding western shores.

County Kerry

Lastly, County Kerry serves up sensational coasteering for those visiting favorites like the Gap of Dunloe and Killarney National Park. Highly rated tours in the area have adventure seekers leaping from rugged cliffs near Tralee for a unique perspective on Kerry’s natural beauty. The tour companies in Kerry exude an infectious passion for coasteering’s irresistible thrill while maintaining a fun, supportive environment that encourages first-timers to face their fears and leap.

While Ireland overflows with gorgeous landscapes and lively history, nothing quite matches the heart-thumping excitement of bounding from its ancient cliffs into raging coastal waters below. Coasteering tours now operate all along the island’s western coastline, making this exotic activity readily accessible for newcomers and veterans alike. Visitors depart not only with unforgettable memories but also a deeper respect for both the indomitable ocean and their own courage in the face of uncertainty. So next time you travel to the Emerald Isle, why not challenge yourself to cliff diving in Ireland for the thrill of a lifetime?