Scubapro Men’s Definition Steamer 3mm Wetsuit Review


Scubapro Men's Definition Steamer 3mm WetsuitWarm water diving is a thrilling experience that allows divers to explore vibrant underwater landscapes in comfort. To fully enjoy this adventure, having the right wetsuit is essential. Scubapro, a company with over 50 years of experience in creating top-quality dive gear, offers a range of wetsuits designed to cater to the needs of warm water divers. In this article, we will be reviewing the Scubapro Men’s Definition Steamer 3mm Wetsuit, examining its features, performance, and overall value for divers seeking a reliable and comfortable option for their warm water diving adventures.


  • Meets CE standards for Class D dive suits, suitable for diving in water temperatures exceeding 72°F (22°C)
  • Constructed with environmentally friendly X-Foam neoprene, which adheres to P.A.H. regulations
  • Designed using Scubapro’s proprietary Body Map System, incorporating strategic tailoring and material placement to accommodate the body’s natural movement
  • Features a combination of an Ultraspan chest panel and Stretchtec side panels for enhanced flexibility and a close, comfortable fit
  • Lined with Infrared (IR) fleece on the interior, which helps retain body heat for improved thermal insulation while providing a soft, pleasant feel against the skin
  • Employs a diagonal rear zipper for convenient entry and exit
  • Offered in a striking black and yellow color combination
  • Crafted using 3mm thick X-Foam Neoprene material
  • Available in size Small to 3XL

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Pros and Cons of the Scubapro Men’s Definition Steamer 3mm Wetsuit

The Scubapro Men’s Definition Steamer 3mm Wetsuit has received high praise from many divers for its exceptional warmth and thermal protection. Even after multiple dives in a day, users report feeling comfortable and warm, thanks to the suit’s advanced features like the Infrared (IR) fleece interior lining that reflects body heat. The wetsuit’s construction, which includes the Body Map System and a combination of Ultraspan chest panel and Stretchtec side panels, ensures a snug and flexible fit that allows for ease of movement underwater.

Many divers appreciate the sturdy zippers on the legs and arms, which make donning and doffing the wetsuit much easier compared to other models. The angled rear entry zipper, while requiring some practice to get used to, provides a secure and comfortable entry and exit point. The wetsuit’s quality is also commended, with divers noting its durability and fast-drying properties, making it a reliable choice for frequent use.

Although the majority of reviews for the Scubapro Men’s Definition Steamer 3mm Wetsuit are positive, a few users have experienced difficulties with putting on the wetsuit due to the side zipper design. Some divers found the zipper placement and functionality challenging, which may require additional practice or assistance to master. It is important to note that proper sizing and fitting are crucial when selecting a wetsuit to ensure optimal comfort and performance.

Final Thoughts

The Scubapro Men’s Definition Steamer 3mm Wetsuit is a top-quality choice for warm water divers seeking a comfortable, flexible, and thermally efficient wetsuit. With its advanced features like the Body Map System, Ultraspan chest panel, Stretchtec side panels, and Infrared (IR) fleece interior lining, this wetsuit provides exceptional warmth and a snug fit that allows for easy movement underwater. While some users may need to practice using the angled rear entry zipper, the wetsuit’s overall durability, fast-drying properties, and thermal protection make it a reliable investment for frequent divers. At a price of $340, the Scubapro Men’s Definition Steamer 3mm Wetsuit offers great value for its performance and quality, making it a worthwhile addition to any warm water diver’s gear collection.

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