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Adventure through Africa

For Tómas, it was always going to be the whole continent or nothing at all. Having spent 7 weeks cycling across America, Tómas decided...

Reasons Why Electric Scooters Are Riskier Than Bicycles

As a person who always used to pick a new mobility scooter, after owning one for a couple of years, I must say that...

How Jonathan Kambskard-Bennett Cycled Around the World by Accident

You’d think that embarking on a three-year trip cycling around the world would involve a huge amount of planning, training and continuous dedication to...

7 Ways to Condition for a Long Distance Cycling Tour

A long distance bike ride is a journey that pits the body and mind to conquer massive obstacles in pursuit of a goal. For...

What is the Most Dangerous Pastime in the UK?

Special Risks Bureau has just conducted a survey of over 4,000 people in the UK in order to find out which extreme pastime they...

Top 5 Extreme Sports in the Balearic Islands

Those lucky enough to plan a holiday in the gorgeous Balearic Islands are looking to have a great time and a trip that they...