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Mexico’s Cave of the Crystals is a Natural Wonder

Deep beneath the Sierra de Naica mountain in Mexico lies a truly astonishing natural wonder - Mexico's Cave of the Crystals. This cave contains...

Scuba Diving in Cozumel

Regarded by scuba professionals everywhere as one of the best diving locations for divers of all skill levels, Cozumel offers divers an underwater playground...

Extreme Sports Holidays in South America

If you really want to try something new, it’s high time you got yourself down to South America where a trip to the region...

The World’s Best Cave Diving Locations

For anybody who enjoys extreme sports, cave diving is one not to be missed. Underwater cave diving combines both scuba diving and caving and...

Best Caving Locations

I have been caving for many, many years.  I became fascinated with the story of a few French kids discovering the caves of Lascaux...

Extreme Cliff Diving

Extreme cliff diving is easily the most dangerous “adrenaline” sport in the world- and it also happens to be the least complicated.  Unlike skydiving or snowboarding,...