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Rider on the Storm – Angelo Concilio

As a 21-year-old wedding photographer from southern Italy, Angelo Concilio had few problems finding picturesque landscapes for marriages near his home city of Salerno. But...

Storm-Chasing Holidays in the US

The Midwest is famous for its violent tornadoes and superstorms. Every year, dozens of people are injured or die as a result of twisters...

Storm Chasing in Tornado Alley

Some people have the notion that extreme sports are crazy, and in some ways, they are right! After all, isn’t chasing a tornado for...

Storm Chasers – Why Do They Do It?

It’s a fair assumption that all – or at least most – people have at least a small amount of fascination with, or wonder...

Experience Storm Chasing in South Africa

To experience nature in all of its raw fury is an event in itself, but to experience this extreme weather in a country filled...

Extreme Storm Chasing Companies

I love all extreme sports! If I haven’t tried it yet, I will be trying it tomorrow and nothing is too crazy for me....