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4 New Adrenaline Based Extreme Sports

It’s impossible to tell who the first adrenaline seekers were.  Maybe it was the first single cell organism that migrated from the ocean, and...

Extreme Sports to Try in the UK

Think of yourself as extreme? The UK is a great place to try out extreme and adventure sports with fantastic facilities for many activities....

Check Your Travel Insurance Before You Go Zorbing

People who like to travel know how frustrating it can be to not be able to experience a unique attraction because of travel insurance...

Zorbing and Its Olympic Aspirations

The simple design of a large inflatable plastic ball has given the world an exciting new sport.  Zorbing is so versatile that it is...

Have a Ball in a Sphere!

It doesn’t matter what you call it; sphering, zorbing, orbing or globe riding it’s all the same thing – a human hamster ball.  The...