Ben Akhtar 1
by: Benjamin Akhtar

I am Ben Akhtar – Aged 15. Although I am young – I am already living my dreams in the world of extreme sports. Since as long as I can remember I have always been fixated by flying, aviation. From … Click to read the full article


Nevada Rock Climbing
by: Laura Ginn

Nevada may be most well known for Las Vegas, and its numerous casinos, however there are plenty of other attractions on offer in the state.  Whether it’s mountain biking, white water kayaking, or sky diving, extreme sports enthusiasts will find … Click to read the full article

by: Jenna Hutber

Colombia, widely ignored prior to the 2014 FIFA world cup, offers all-year round paragliding at Andes mountain launch sites across miles of untouched countryside. What better way to see South America then from a bird’s eye view, open to the … Click to read the full article