by: James Donaldson

Knowing what kind of dry suit to wear can help you unlock the beauty of cold water dives without feeling frosty. There’s a reason some of the world’s most well-traveled divers call the west coast home. Few subsurface sights can … Click to read the full article


by: Laura Stark

When photojournalist and conservationist Peter Mather set out on his expedition to north western Canada with his partner Marty O’Brien he was preparing himself for a serious challenge. What he was actually up against though was far more daunting than … Click to read the full article

by: Laura Stark

Extreme sports aren’t for the faint hearted. However dangerous they may be though, there are still health and safety laws which must be adhered to. Whether it’s the Le Mans 24-hour race or Red Bull’s Volcano boarding, extreme sports still … Click to read the full article