Extreme Sports Holidays in South America


If you really want to try something new, it’s high time you got yourself down to South America where a trip to the region can be as extreme as you can handle.  South America is full of awesome terrains, beautiful lakes, amazing landscapes, and of course lovely weather, which makes participating in most extreme sports an experience that is out of this world.  Whether you want to take part in extreme sports yourself or whether you just want to watch someone else, a trip to South America will leave you wanting much, much more!


Many people consider wakeboarding to be the trendier big brother of windsurfing due to the fast pace that participants travel whilst being attached to a speed boat!  Although South America has not been a huge wakeboarding continent in the past, the fever has now caught on, with dozens of South Americans now taking part in the sport as often as they can.  Brazil, Chile and Argentina are ideal countries to visit if you fancy going wakeboarding on your next holiday abroad!

Scuba Diving

South America is home to some of the best scuba diving locations in the world! …and no I’m not exaggerating.  Belize is home to the largest barrier reef outside of Australia and then of course there are the Galapagos Islands which are home to a very unique selection of marine life.  Columbia, Mexico, Honduras and Brazil are also great destinations with each and every one offering something completely different.  The cost of scuba diving in South America is slightly higher than elsewhere in the world but trust me – it is definitely worth the price.  All countries cater to both beginners and advanced divers.

Piranha Fishing

If you want to do something completely awe inspiring – and yes slightly scary on your next holiday abroad, piranha fishing has got to be high on your list.  Although piranhas cannot actually eat human beings (despite what you see in the films) their sharp teeth are known to be able to tear into a duck within minutes, so yes approach with caution.  Lots of South American countries offer this activity with the best being in Pantanal, a tropical wetland found in Brazil.  Most companies will even cook your piranha for you after you’ve caught it.  Just make sure you remember your camera!


If you want to go kayaking in South America you should definitely think about going to Chile – Patagonia to be more exact.  Patagonia is an absolutely magical area and has a number of outstanding areas for both beginners and advanced kayakers alike and participants can marvel at the beautiful scenery and fascinating mountains whilst taking part in this extreme sport.  Again, this is a sport that warrants photo evidence (if only of the scenery) so pack your camera (and its waterproof housing) if you choose to go kayaking on your extreme sport holiday!

There are so many other opportunities in South America including rock climbing, canyoning and caving that the continent really is an extreme sporter’s dream!