DK Siklon 2011 BMX Bike Review


DK BMX BikesFor many people, BMXing is not just an extreme sport, it is a way of life.  Although skateboarding took the place of the BMX’s popularity in the 90s, there were some true die hards that kept it alive and BMX is now back with a vengeance!  If you are one of those who still see the beauty in the BMX or are hoping to discover or rediscover it, the DK Siklon 2011 BMX bike may be for you.

DK produces professional bikes, but the Siklon is far more user friendly and very good for those who are just starting to learn or who want to enjoy an easy ride.  It has some fantastic features, such as a 36h alloy wheel set, DK Tsuka grips and three piece chromoly cranks, which means you will get yourself a solid, trustworthy bike with excellent performance.  And if you look on Amazon, you will see that it is available at a more than affordable price.

DK Siklon 2011 BMX Bike Specifications

The DK Siklon BMX bike really is a fantastic bike with some awesome features and specs.  These include:

  • It is highly user friendly
  • DK Tsuka grips
  • A machined head tube
  • Threadless steer tube
  • A park and trail frame design
  • Alloy wheels with 36 holes, single walled, with a 14 millimeter rear axle
  • Available in black, blue, red or white

Some of the more technical specifications include:

  • 26.35 pound weight
  • 14.5 degree HT angle
  • 39/14 gear ratio
  • 20 inch TT length
  • 72 degree ST angle
  • 14 inch CS length

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Pros and Cons of the DK Siklon 2011 BMX Bike

The main pros of the DK Siklon BMX bike have to be that it is so sturdy and lightweight.  Of course, the fact that it is available at a more than reasonable price from Amazon is also a positive.  It is easy to use for those who are new to BMXing and want to get to know the ropes, but the more advanced riders can also use it, particularly if they stick to dirt roads and don’t pick courses that are extremely challenging.

This is, in essence, also the only downside of the DK Siklon 2011 BMX bike, in as such that for the really professional BMXers, it is perhaps too simplistic in its usage.

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

BMX having made a comeback is a great development.  There is nothing wrong with skateboarding, of course, but you can’t take a skateboard down a dirt track!  The DK Siklon 2011 BMX bike is simply a great bike for anybody who enjoys the vintage feeling of BMXing – although it is not so vintage anymore now that it has seen a revival.  Great for both the young and old who want to get into BMXing, the DK Siklon BMX bike is a fantastic starter bike.  Easy to set up and made of sturdy and durable materials, it is incredibly user friendly and just what you need for the not too challenging tracks.  Priced at $239.99 and with purely ‘five star’ reviews on Amazon this is a bike that is well worth the price.