Kink 2012 Curb 20-Inch BMX Bike Review


Kink BMX BikesWith all of the different types of BMX bikes available this holiday season, making a decision on any particular one can be difficult. Size, durability, performance and aesthetics can all be important to the rider and finding a good match for all of those categories is crucial. One also has to consider the cost of BMX bikes, as they range in price just as much as they do in color, size and quality. In this review, we will be taking a look at one of the newest Kink BMX bikes to evaluate all of these aforementioned attributes.

On the surface, the Kink 2012 Curb 20-Inch BMX Bike appears to be your standard BMX bike. Based out of Rochester, New York, Kink has been producing BMX bikes, among other things, for quite some time now and generally their products receive excellent marks. They even have their own custom post-weld treating process used on frames, forks and handlebars known as TruTherm and they put their money where their mouth is: all things TruTherm are backed by a lifetime warranty. Everything seems to look and sound good on the surface, so let us put this bad boy under the microscope and find out as much as we can!


  • Aluminum platform pedals
  • Mission Slim seat clamp
  • 100% high-tensile steel frame
  • Removable steel axle pegs
  • Low-profile design allows quick on/off motion and superb control
  • 3-piece Chromoly crankshaft

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Pros and Cons of the Kink 2012 Curb 20-Inch BMX Bike

First and foremost, it must be said that the frame is incredibly sturdy and can take virtually any impact or result on and off the BMX circuit. This makes sense, seeing as how this bike and many other Kink BMX bikes have been featured in the X-Games and Dew Tours. As mentioned earlier, the bike looks standard but not in a bad way; it has a simplistic design (available in red and purple) that says all it needs to about itself: “I’m here and I’m serious”. The removable rear steel-axle pegs are a hoot to play around with and feel well-designed on this bike, unlike some pegs that are simply too long or short. The price ($220 for red, $250 for purple) is decent considering the quality of the bicycle as there are many bicycles out there that cost $100 more and do not come this well-made.

With that being said, there are some complaints regarding this bicycle. The handlebars are not comfortable and tend to pinch when gripping continuously. Based on multiple reports, the tires consistently arrive under-inflated and cause the tubing to also pinch when curbing and jumping. The front axle is definitely smaller than the rear axle, which can be an issue depending on your circumstance. All in all, these problems are small by and large and can be fixed, but be prepared to possibly need new handlebars and an air compressor or a trip to the gas station to top off your tire pressure upon arrival. If you don’t have yet an air compressor, you may purchase one at any quincy air compressor dealers

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

This is one of the entry-level Kink BMX bikes for the 2012 season and is a great beginner or intermediate bike for any rider, especially younger riders due to its low-profile design. All in all, the quality of this bike is superb and barring a couple of small issues, it is a really enjoyable, reasonably-priced bicycle. The Kink 2012 Curb 20-Inch BMX Bike makes a great addition to an existing collection or as a gift to a would-be BMX rider. If you are thinking about grabbing one this holiday season for yourself or someone you know, you better hurry. A great bike like this is sure to sell out soon!