Are You Ready for a Full Moon Bungee?


As if bungee jumping itself is not enough of a rush, Whistler Bungee is now letting you do it under the light of a full moon!  Adrenaline junkies everywhere will be flocking to Whistler to bungee in the dark and make an already extreme sport even more extreme!

Why You Should Book Your Flight

There are few things more exhilarating that strapping yourself to a giant bungee cord and falling to the earth below, only to be snapped right back up again.  During the day, you can see everything around you, but at night you are jumping into total darkness.  Whistler bungee jumping puts you right in the middle of old forests and column cliffs on the highest bungee jumping site that Canada has to offer.  You stand under the light of the moon and take a 160 dive right over the rushing Cheakamus River.

Accessibility could not be easier for bungee jumping Whistler; it’s located just 15 minutes from Whistler Village and transportation to the venue is available by bus. For a more private means of transportation, you can rent a bus just like this Detroit sporting event shuttle. All you have to do is book your flight- which can even be done online, then show up and jump!  Whistler is open for bungee jumping all year-round and their operators have more than 17 years of experience, so you know you’re in good hands; even in the dark.  What’s more, Whistler bungee jumping has a perfect safety record- completely free of any incidents whatsoever.

The Ins and Outs of Bungee Jumping in Whistler

Bungee jumping Whistler has its advantages over other sites for many reasons.  For jumps on a winter night, the biggest advantage has to be the fact that the operators use a winch to return you to the bridge after your jump.  This means even more safety for you since the cord stays attached to you and you don’t have to drop into the river.  Plus, you can take it all in and bask in the glory of your extreme sports endeavor as you ride back up!

Whistler also gives you a couple of options for your actual jump; they also provide the utmost safety and comfort in the way that you are harnessed in.  When bungee jumping in Whistler, a chest and waist harness is used for your comfort so you will be as comfortable as can be when plunging 160 feet and then rebounding back like a snapped rubber band. The harness helps you to maintain an upright position which is gentler on you during rebounding, and also gives you a much better view on your way back up.

Tandem jumping is also offered for extreme sports lovers (or just plain lovers) that want to experience the adrenaline together.  Each jumper is secured into a separate harness and hooked to the cord separately.  You are then secured together, will jump together, and will take the ride back up together; you may not want to jump with someone you aren’t fond of.

Bungee Jumping in Whistler

The Best Bungee Jumping in British Columbia

Whistler bungee jumping is not only the best that British Columbia has to offer; it’s also incredibly affordable for the experience that you get.  Your first jump includes a Whistler Bungee T-shirt and costs just under $120.00 per person.  When you book your first full moon jump, you can also book a second jump at a discounted price.

Full moon bungee jumping is the adrenaline rush that brings most extreme sports fanatics to Whistler, but while you’re there, you may want to check out the other extreme experiences they have to offer too.

Creative Commons photo by Blythe D.