Evolv Men’s Pontas Climbing Shoes Review


Evolv Men’s Pontas Climbing ShoesIf you are into rock climbing or strenuous hiking, you will need some great shoes.  Climbing shoes make sure you are comfortable and safe, offering good grips and durability.  The last thing you want, of course, is to be halfway up a mountain and find your sole comes undone.  When wearing climbing shoes, you want to feel as though you are not wearing any shoes at all.  Minimizing the risk of blisters and uncomfortable edges is incredibly important.

The Evolv Men’s Pontas Climbing Shoes offer all of the above and more.  Evolv Climbing have been a market leader in providing shoes for serious climbers for many years.  Basically, with their shoes, all you need to worry about is whether you can make the climb.  And they are available from Amazon, so no need to go in and out of shops to find a pair!

Evolv Men’s Pontas Climbing Shoes Specifications

The Evolv Climbing Shoes have some great specifications, making them one of the best climbing shoes on the market today:

  • The top of the shoe is fully synthetic
  • The shoes are very breathable and are made from a non-stretch material, meaning the fit stays as it is
  • The toe of the foot is extended which enables hooking to be optimized
  • The bottom of the shoe is made of TRAXT XT-5
  • The shoes are available in a range of colors, so you can look stylish on top of all the other benefits.

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Pros and Cons of Evolv Men’s Pontas Climbing Shoes

The Evolv Men’s Pontas Climbing Shoes are quite simply the best climbing shoes on the market.  Whether you want to go on easy rock climbs or give bouldering or steep climbing a go, these are the shoes for you.  The shoes are available in a range of colors, making them not just great climbing wise but great in a fashion sense too.  Many people who have used the Evolv Pontas climbing shoes have been very impressed with how well they perform, particularly when it comes to hooking and toe edging, and the traction that comes from the bottom of the shoes.

Not many people have many negatives to say about the Evolv Pontas climbing shoes and the only thing that really deserves a mention is the sizing.  The shoes do appear to be smaller, and many climbers who have bought these shoes recommend others to buy their street shoe size rather than their climbing shoe size.  Either way you can still exchange these if they arrive and you find they don’t fit.

Final Thoughts

If you are into rock climbing, whether as a beginner or an advanced climber you will certainly need a good pair of shoes that enable you to focus entirely on climbing in both comfort and security.  The Evolv Men’s Pontas Climbing Shoes offer you just that, whilst being stylish as well.

These climbing shoes are not the lowest priced on the market (they range from $85-$125 depending on your size), but through Amazon they remain at least affordable.  And really, can you put a price on your safety and comfort whilst engaging in extreme sports?  No matter what extreme sport you take part in, the right equipment is necessary for your comfort and safety –and if you are a rock climber the Evolv climbing shoes are most certainly one of the best all-rounder shoes on the market.

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