Scuba Diving Santa Claus


Dozens of children met Santa Claus last weekend whilst he was spending time doing one of his favourite extracurricular activities: scuba diving in Tennessee.  He visited the Tennessee Aquarium for this little bit of leisure time.  Of course, he also had an ulterior – and more altruistic – reason for this scuba diving vacation, which was to support the Tropical Holiday Adventure that is on show at the aquarium at the minute.  And don’t worry as he will be diving with a range of friendly sea creatures.  If you have missed Santa Claus so far, you will be able to watch him scuba diving in Tennessee every Saturday and Sunday until Christmas.

Tennessee Aquarium’s Tropical Holiday Adventure

In the Tropical Holiday Adventure, there are a range of friendly animals that can be visited at the Backyard Safari, including some beautiful birds, which are able to fly freely.  You can meet:

  • Butch and Sundance, two red-fronted macaws
  • Dais, a trumpeter hornbill
  • Dodger and Fagin, two pink-crested cockatoos
  • Boo, an African gray parrot

Of course, there is also the ocean adventure, for that feel of scuba diving vacations, where visitors can feed the guitarfish and sting rays.  A range of divers – including Santa Claus – are located amongst the beautifully coloured reef fish and can be asked loads of questions, whilst you are surrounded by butterflies.  As a special treat, it seems that one jolly Elf has also taken up scuba diving in Tennessee.

Scuba Diving in Tennessee

You don’t have to be Santa Claus if you want to go scuba diving in Tennessee.  There are a couple of great places you could go, including the quarry and the Tennessee River.  In fact, Tennessee is a great place to go scuba diving, and this is reflected in the number of diving schools that operate in the state.

It is even possible to organise scuba diving parties through many of the diving centres and go on scuba diving adventures.  Scuba diving parties can also be organised for children, although snorkelling equipment will be used instead of full scuba gear.  This would make a great alternative children’s birthday party for example.  For those children who are over 8, it is possible to actually go scuba diving in a pool and go on a bubble blowing party or have a real introduction to scuba diving.  You may as well start them young if they are showing an interest in the sport!

Some of the scuba diving centres also organise scuba diving vacations to a range of fascinating destinations across the world, which is a great way to see new and interesting places, as well as forge friendships for life with other scuba diving enthusiasts.  And if you really want to have fun – perhaps as a charity fundraiser or something like that – why not get yourself a Santa suit and go diving?  It is a fun way to raise awareness about a chosen cause as well as doing something reasonably unique and original.